The Chinese wood industry consumption and available resources analysis (1)

As foreign and domestic market demand for products to increase, our country man-made board, furniture and paper and other forest product yield increase substantially, timber consumption increased sharply, China wood production and logs, sawn wood product imports are the raw material such as big increase, and the recycling of waste products in wood processing industry sing leading role of the wood consumption. The Chinese wood processing industry of the wood consumption but to way imported logs, sawn wood and other raw materials outside, in the domestic in addition to develop forestry, especially development fast-grown forest, realize “Lin paper” and “Lin board” integration outside, still is to constantly improve the level of the recycling of waste products. The Chinese wood processing industry in developing, it is necessary to improve the quality of products, with the high quality in the market competition of the special at home and abroad, a large number of consumption for the economic benefits of the wood road not advisable.

1. China wood processing industry, is developing rapidly

In recent years, due to increasing demand for many forest products at home and abroad, the country has issued preferential policies to encourage development of man-made board, wood processing industry of our country is developing very quickly, the product yield is greatly improved, and has formed, man-made board, paper and furniture in high speed running wagons and three in the world with front row, a lot of forest products enriched the demand of the market. 2010 man-made board production complete 153.6083 million cubic meters, which is up 33.03% over the same period, including: plywood 71.3966 million cubic meters, which is up 60.4% over the same period, chipboard 4354.54 liters, a 24.82% increase from the same period a year earlier, (of the high density fiberboard 3894.24.83 all cubic meters, which is up 24.35% over the same period), particieboard 1264.2 liters, down 11.66% from the same period a year earlier, joinery board 1652.29 liters, a 11.74% increase from the same period a year earlier. Paper and paperboard finished 100.35 million tons, 11.4% more than the same period of growth, wood furniture furniture production value according to the 60% computation has 510 billion yuan, maintained double-digit growth rate, moreover, real wood floor and real wood is compound floor production were also completed 479.17 million square meters and 268.21 million square meters wood plastic composite.

2. the Chinese wood processing industry spending huge number of wood

(a) according to the calculation of the objective is practical

Such as plywood not according to production 1 m3 plywood 2.5 cubic meters to log calculation, but press 2 cubic meters calculation, and output is also didn’t press 71.3966 million cubic meters, but by 50 million cubic meters calculation, wood furniture is no material according to 60% of the production by 50% but furniture, and no more than 35% of the output value according to buy timber and man-made board, but only by 30%, fiber board in the wood consumption by each production 1 cubic meters 1.7 cubic meters to drop to 1.5 cubic meters, etc wood plastic composite decking price.

(b) wood processing industry the huge number of timber consumption

With the rapid development of wood processing industry, the consumption of the huge number of wood. According to a practical objective calculation, the Chinese wood processing industry of the wood consumption has to 782.35 million cubic meters, (do not eliminate some man-made board production Numbers too great influence of wood consumption calculation) of wood of specification is about 320.99 million cubic meters, 41.03%, of the small specifications, waste paper posed branch material waste materials, such as forest product about fold 461.36 million cubic meters, accounts for about 58.97% of the timber consumption. Among them: man-made board: the consumer wood is about 217.33 million cubic meters. 1, plywood consumption wood is about 100 million cubic meters, 2, fiberboard consumption wood is about 65.32 million cubic meters, 3, particieboard consumption wood is about 18.96 million cubic meters, 4, joinery board consumption wood is about 33.05 million cubic meters; Real wood floor: consumption is 479.17 million square meters; Paper and paperboard: consumption wood is about 451.58 million cubic meters,; Wood furniture: consumption wood is about 104.73 million cubic meters, which use real wood is about 15.9375 million cubic meters, accounts for about 15.22% of the timber consumption, man-made board of 59.1964 million cubic meters plastic wood suppliers.


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