The Chinese wood industry consumption and available resources analysis (2)

3.available resources analysis

(a) properly handle wood processing industry and the development of relations improve forest timber production

The party central committee and the state council “about to speed up the development of forestry” decision points out, the forest land is main body of ecology system of forestry is an important public welfare undertakings and fundamental industry, bear the ecological construction and forest products supply an important task. This is the profound connotation of forestry, comprehensive revealed. Many years of practice has proved, forestry by forest and industry is composed, forest in create ecological benefit, and drive the industry development, the development of the industry and promote the development of forestry, forest and forestry industry is the two legs, one cannot depend on each other. Wood processing industry is play forest resources the economic benefits of the main carriers and support, maintain and develop forest resources the main strength. Therefore, the forestry ecological and wood processing industry of the relationship between the two big system is symbiotic, depend on each other and promote each other. Before reform and opening up, the Chinese wood processing industry is very backward, every year the cutting a lot of forest, our country of the forest resources of the fault decrease, according to the fourth (1989-1993) of forest inventory, released in 1994, our country forest stock volume is 10.137 billion cubic meters, industrial consumption in China at that time about 100 million cubic meters of wood, such as the 1995 consumer wood is about 136.762 million cubic meters, enter the 20 century, China’s paper, furniture and man-made board development soon, 2010 timber consumption is about 782.35 million cubic meters, increased by 4.72 times, of which about 217.33 million cubic meters of man-made board consumption wood, increased by 10.44 times. The development of papermaking and man-made board, wood consumption increase, farmers get affordable, reforestation enthusiasm high, especially fast-grown forest in east China and south China area of planting, make our country plantation afforestation area reached 62 million hectares, forest by the past 10.137 billion cubic meters of volume, in 2010 to 13.2 billion cubic meters, the growth rate of 30.22%. Especially guangdong is the most developed provinces in wood processing industry, wood processing industry by wood consumption, more than 1978 years of 1.51 million cubic meters to 2010 consumption of wood is about 115.62 million cubic meters, increased by 75.57 times. Because management work to follow and make full use of two kinds of forest resources at home and abroad, especially on the wood the recycling, such as the 2010 guangdong use of waste forest products log volume of 88.88 million cubic meters fold, accounting for wood total consumption of 77% of the total, actually USES log and lumber only about 26.74 million cubic meters, about 23%. In reform and opening up in 32 years, realize the forest resources with wood processing industry development and growth, the stocking volume in 1978 to 169 million cubic meters by rising in 2010 to 439 million cubic meters, an increase of 270 million cubic meters, the growth of 159.76% which the guangdong timber production from 1978 cubic meters, rising to 2010 years of 6.5491 million cubic meters, the growth rate of 184.74%. The forest coverage rate by 30.2% in 1978 and up to 57% in 2010, the guangdong ecological appear “castle peak often, and sustainable utilization in” the good situation wood plastic lumber products.

In recent years, China forest cause great achievement has been made, especially in developing fast-grown forest in east China’s YiYang and south China planted a lot of eucalyptus, China wood production increase, such as the 2010 timber production finished 80.8962 million cubic meters, a 14.45% increase from the previous year, among them, the log production complete 75.1321 million cubic meters, a 14.45% increase from the previous year wood plastic composite material.

(2) improve forest product imports

In order to meet the wood processing industry timber consumption, in addition to increasing the Chinese wood production, every year to import a wide variety of products, in 2010 the customs statistics, China’s logs, sawn wood, wood pulp and waste paper, man-made board and fold log volume is about 189.0404 million cubic meters above (not including wood furniture and wood products, etc.). In our imports in the forest products, logs, sawn wood 34.3475 million cubic meters of 14.7118 million cubic meters, fold the log volume is 21.0169 million cubic meters, two total volume of 55.1644 million cubic meters fold log, accounted for only 29.18% of the 189.0404 million cubic meters, the import a lot of waste is products, only reached 24.3522 million tons of waste paper, fold the log volume is 82.7975 million cubic meters, accounts for about 43.8% of the imports, 69900 tons of waste paper pulp, and fold log volume is 237700 cubic meters, accounts for about 0.13% of the imports; And pulp, particieboard, fiber board and board type furniture, have used the many small material and waste products Wood Plastic Composite Market.

(3) wood save substitution and the recycling of waste products

The Chinese wood processing industry has reached 782.35 million cubic meters of timber consumption, waste paper, the small posed of materials, such as specifications branch material waste forest products about 461.36 million cubic meters of fold, accounting for about 58.97% of the timber consumption. Among them: man-made board consumption wood is about 217.33 million cubic meters, plywood, about half of the fast-grown forest with small specifications material, fiber board in about half, particieboard are all of the waste and recycling branch material about 101.62 million cubic meters of forest products fold, accounting for about 46.76% of the timber consumption; Paper and paperboard consumption wood is about 451.58 million cubic meters, about 270.95 million cubic meters of waste paper folding, accounting for about 60.0% of the timber consumption; Wood furniture consumption wood is about 104.73 million cubic meters, the use of fiber board and particieboard is about 59.1964 million cubic meters, or 88.7946 million cubic meters of log volume, is very much a part of the branch material and recycling of waste products. In the consumer waste paper and saving the equivalent of the old forest products 461.36 million cubic meters, that is equal to cut less 15.3787 million hectares of forest, according to the United Nations FAO survey data, a day per hectare forest can release 0.73 tons of oxygen and absorb one ton of carbon dioxide calculation, less a day of forest cut can put 11.2265 million tons of oxygen and absorbs 15.3787 million tons of carbon dioxide.

In our country’s huge timber consumption, save the substitution and waste wood, recovery of forest products, great achievement has been made, not only saves a lot of wood, also made great contribution for environmental protection work.

4. the Chinese wood processing industry in developing necessary transformation and upgrade

In recent years, the Chinese wood processing industry development soon, but a lot of a lot of summary place, the most prominent in the past we have is to rely on forest resources and cheap human resources development wood processing industry, make some small number by economic benefits, especially the ten years of plywood and fiber in our country in the development of the board has already entered the disorder, consumed a lot of wood, especially plywood, ten years increased 7.26 times, use a lot of timber production quality is low man-made board to sell at a low price, according to the latest survey found to guangzhou market, the man-made board with same specification prices vary considerably, such as import best plywood 3520 yuan/cubic meters, domestic 2420 yuan/cubic meters high quality board, while ordinary board for 1540 yuan/cubic meters, best imported plywood is 1.29 times of that of the ordinary board, the other in fiber board and particieboard is also problems. Throughout our country’s existing forest resources are unable to support wood processing industry such high speed development, therefore, in the enterprise transformation and upgrading of, must rapidly reversing the past to benefit by number to by the quality of the benefits. With the export of various restrictions barriers forest products, wood processing industry in China is the only way to improve the quality of products and high quality, the superior price to participate in international competition, a large number of consumption for the economic benefits of the wood road not advisable.


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