Industry take root in one hundred

In 1911 ~ 1949, formation of the industry. In 1911, the first FangFuChang wood pagoda FangFuChang big wood formally put into production, showing that China’s timber anticorrosion industry started to form.

In 1949 ~ 1979, industrial growth. Since the founding of BaiFeiDaiJu, along with the development of national economy and the development of the cause of national defense construction, railway construction and electrical infrastructure to preservation and the demand of sleepers, power is continuously increasing, and timber anticorrosion business also was receiving attention, our country timber anticorrosion industry got rapid progress. At the same time, mor all around the country have established a few modern wood FangFuChang, 1954 hanyang wood FangFuChang into production, 1958 years YingTan wood FangFuChang into production, further promoted the timber anticorrosion the development of industry. Scientific research, the 1950 s, the railway, transportation, construction and forestry departments in timber anticorrosion and wood the, successively in sleepers, building materials, civil construction and road wooden bridge, such as bamboo anticorrosion of timbers and insect-resistant reagents and treatment technique research, and to lay aside wood factory save log and the plate are many experimental research, made some achievements, and in production are promotion wood plastic composite.

In 1979 ~ 2011, industry development. Beginning in 1979, with the application of timber anticorrosion technology abroad, the Chinese wood technology application domain also continued to expand, anticorrosive wood agricultural support, mining tunnels, gardens, building, and other aspects of the increasing demand, water-soluble wood preservative gradually development and been applied. Mor YingTan wood FangFuChang began to research CCA wood preservative, and set up the mor YingTan timber anticorrosion technology Co., LTD, the CCA anticorrosive wood civil gradually into the market wood plastic composite decking price.

In 2002, the first China wood to protect the industrial development seminar of China timber protection association meeting held in guangzhou, the sponsors, from all over the country, research institutes, colleges and universities of forestry enterprise of more than 100 representatives to participate in the session, to protect the industrial development of wood laid a foundation. Then, wood save development center and in hangzhou, xiamen respectively, chengdu, kunming held the 4 th Chinese wood protection congress, wood to protect the industrial content obtained the rich and added. With the state advocates a resource-conserving and environment-friendly sosciety background, wood protection industry in support for policy, “the state council on forwarding departments such as development and reform commission on acceleration of wood to save and alternative work opinion announcement” (countries do hair [2005] no. 58) clearly put to carry timber anticorrosion, insect, mouldproof, flame retardant, dry, modification technology, extend the wood use period, and promote the sustainable development of wood. Standards, in national standard committee, the ministry of commerce, the live JianBu and other relevant departments to support, the wood save development center first put forward the wood to save the substitution standard son system and China commercial timber protection standard system frame have been included in national “2005-2007 resource conservation and comprehensive utilization standards development planning” and “2008-2010 resource conservation and comprehensive utilization standards development planning”, and completed the anticorrosive wood “, “the antiseptic timber production standard” and so on more than 30 national standard and professional standard, covers the raw materials, equipment, product, testing and other fields, the Chinese wood protection standard system in initial shape. Technology research, the forestry colleges in ancient building maintenance and rubber wood mouldproof insect-resistant, timberwork anticorrosive, landscape architecture timber anticorrosion, wood drying, wood modification, wood fire-retardant research gradually goes deep, and strengthen the protection of wood industry cultivation of talents.

In 2009 China timber distribution association with wood timber anticorrosion professional committee was established, showing that China’s timber anticorrosion industry have oneself of industry organization, in 2011 China wood protection industry association, China wood to protect the industrial finally airness, take root WPC Wall Board Deck.


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