wood plastic composite in military field effect

Wood plastic composite (wood-plastic composite, WPC) is a recently developed new materials, it will be two kinds of material advantages of organic unifies in together, already can like wood, paint surface as agglutination, also can undertake nail, drilling, planing etc, but also like the thermoplastic as forming, play of wood processing and plastic to processing method diversity, flexibility, application field is very extensive. At present, Wood Plastic Composite Market for civil field has been widely, products include outdoor products (such as outdoor tables and chairs, building materials, such as doors and Windows, the table platform etc), municipal facilities (such as flower boxes, dustbin, water covers), packaging materials, household products, daily groceries, auto parts, etc. But so far, wood and plastic composites applications in the military area, there are few. Due to the wood plastic composite is qualitative light, rigidity, acid and alkali resistant and waterproof insect-resistant characteristics, its applications in the military area’s growth potential is very large, in this aspect of research and development at home and abroad are in the positive progress.

Military packaging

At present our country military ammunition to the outer packing still wooden case is given priority to, not only spent a year of wood, and wood packing cases there is a big performance limitations, such as lower strength, easy rotting, easy to bug eat by moth, not sealed, etc. Therefore, the research is superior new packaging materials and packaging structure form is extremely important. wood plastic composite has wood of plastic and dual characteristics, and its some performance index is better than even plastic and wood, except the elongation at break, the impact strength is low, and all the other performance have reached currently in use in military packing material performance index level, through further research improve wood plastic composite of the physical and mechanical properties, and through the reasonable structure to improve the packing design of the overall strength, the material used in some military packaging is totally possible. Within this has had made some try, puts forward a new way of joining together, the structure design and structure parts of material selection two aspects to ensure that wood and plastic packaging sealing and overall strength.

Exercising facilities

According to reports, the U.S. navy many terminal facilities is in world war ii or after the establishment, now in their retirement period. Because these material to use pesticides processing, of hazardous waste, its processing is costly. By the influence of the environmental protection consciousness, after protection treatment of wood in the use of Marine environment is under question. In addition, in the harbor of cleaner, they are increasingly serious still use wood the harm of the moth. Recent navfac magazine evaluation to the protection of the navy every year wood blow the cost is about 4000-50 million dollars.

Replace the timber the most feasible way is to all kinds of artificial composite materials. Thus, the urgent need to develop a more solid, economic and environmental substitutes to replace the wood. In order to achieve these goals, more than by the American universities, a national lab and industrial research group, a special study of the wood plastic composite used for navy shore the feasibility of implementation of tabor, the orientation of the cooperation to promote the rapid transformation project achievement, currently in the United States navy in the port has wood plastic composite material profiles as part of the deck tabor navy shore facilities such as planking component.


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