Polyolefin elastomer (POE) characteristics of plastics and application scope is introduced

POE is by Michael essien ene and polyolefin resin composition, continuous phase two of the separation of the dispersed phase present polymer mixing content, through the scanning electron microscope or the image shows that are microscope, can form rubber for continuous phase and resin as the dispersed phase or rubber for the dispersed phase, resin for continuous phase, or both of the present continuous phase interpenetrating networks structure. Along with the change of the morphology, blends performance also change. If the rubber for continuous phase, the performance of the present approximation vulcanizates; Resin for continuous phase, the performance to plastic.

Processing and cooperates: POE need not be mixed refine and curing. Can use usually processing thermoplastic processing molding equipment. Molding process temperature and processing pressure should be generally was slightly higher, can be in high processing speed processing. Can the injection molding and extrusion molding, also can use rolling machine into the sheet or film, and can blow molding, using thermal molding manufacture complex shape of products. But according to need to add various pigment made for different color. Some manufacturers in products requests, provide such as oil resistance, flame retardant type, type and stable electric type electrostatic coating of the special grade with material. Sometimes for improving processing performance and the use of certain products performance or reduce the cost, also can add some chelating agent, such as antioxidants, softener and filling agent, colorants, etc. Leftover material and waste recycling process repeated use. But by no more than 30% of general proportion, so no influence on performance of POE on blend system influence

POE is by metallocene catalyst ethylene and propylene essien realize in-situ polymerization of thermoplastic elastomer, its characteristic is: (1) the soft chain with Michael essien and crystalline structure of curly ethylene chain as a physical/LianDian, make it has both excellent toughness and good workability. (2) the molecular structure POE not unsaturated double bond of the, has excellent resistance to aging performance. (3) POE narrow molecular weight distribution, and has good liquidity, and good polyolefin compatibility. (4) the good liquidity can improve the packing of the dispersion of effect, but also can improve the products of the welding mark strength wood plastic composite material.

Along with the increase of the content of POE, system the impact strength and elongation at break has been greatly improved. Visible, POE PP have good for toughening role, and PP, active calcium carbonate has good compatibility. This is because POE’s narrow molecular weight distribution, the molecular structure side octyl longer than side ethyl, at the molecular structure can be formed in attempt to play a connection between in the constituent, buffer role, make the system at impact when the scattered, buffer impact can effect, reduce silver lines for the opportunity to crack into force development, so as to improve the impact strength of the system. When the system has been tension, because these attempt by the formation of the network of the structure can happen large deformation, so, the system of elongation of the significant increase, and when the content of POE increases, the system of the tensile strength, bending strength and bending modulus are declined, this is the decision by POE itself performance, so POE content should be controlled in 20% below Wood Plastic Composite Market.

POE’s content and the relationship between the melting index, join POE, system of molten index increased. POE itself liquidity is better, it to join, but also improve the whole system of liquidity, when POE content more than 15 a later, system of molten index basically no change, if want to continue to improve liquidity in the system, it can’t completely dependent on POE.

Basic features: (1) with the general POE thermoplastic elastomer physical properties, such as formability, waste reuse and vulcanized rubber performance, etc. (2) the price is low, and the relative density is small, so the volume low price. (3) heat resistance, cold resistance is excellent, use a wide range. (4) weathering resistance, ageing resistance is good. (5) oil resistance, resistance to permanent deformation and compression abrasion resistance and not so good. Application: mainly used for toughening modification of PP, PE and PA in the automobile industry has made bumper, the fender, the steering wheel, plate and so on. Cable industry heat resistance and environmental resistant requirements high insulating layer and sheath. Also used for industrial use products such as rubber, conveyer belt, tape and moulded products. Medical devices and home appliances, sports supplies, toys, and packaging film, etc wood plastic composite.


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