China forest products index system startup

A few days ago, in 2012 China international trade in research center of forest products meeting, China forest products index system was set up. This is China’s first forest products index mechanism, will by constructing many parties are involved policy and enterprise information exchange platform, for government decision provides the basis, for forest enterprise development to provide the reference.

China index mechanism is engaged in forest products by forest product production, circulation and related activities of the enterprise or business the unit is composed of voluntary policy and industrial information exchange platform. According to information, China forest products index mechanism through the selected a group of industry influence and representative, and are willing to bear the social responsibility and environmental obligations of forest products production and circulation enterprise, as China’s forest products index mechanism index enterprise. China forest products through regular mechanism will index collection and analysis index enterprise’s economic data, release forest products and research report index, reflect the latest trends of forestry industry, for the government to make and improved industrial policies and enterprise management decision and provide reference wood plastic composite material.

China forest products index mechanism officials say mechanism is started, the will, issued by pressing the index enterprise information inside publish, according to the monthly analysis index enterprise data information, open China forest products and nets newspaper website index mechanism, offering the China forest products index enterprise index series and China’s forestry industry form such as purchasing managers index on business. At the same time, the mechanism through the information dissemination, will peak BBS, conference discussion way publicity mechanism and enterprise, and improve the mechanism of the image and brand effect.

Industry experts and enterprise representatives said China forest products index mechanism of significant start, for the formulation and improved industrial policy provide reference for decision, and at the same time through building the government, research institutions, industry association and enterprise and so on many parties are involved policy and information exchange platform, and promote exchange and cooperation of all parties, and promote the sustainable development of forest products trade Wood Plastic Composite Floor.

Start ceremony, the mechanism of the first released in 33 home index enterprise, which include the industry within production, circulation, etc the largest and the most representative leading enterprises, including four listed company, information collection and analysis of data will be more representative.

According to information, China forest products index mechanism in the state forestry administration development planning and fund management guidance to begin the work, by the state forestry administration forest products international trade research center concrete implementation, connecting in China’s forestry science and technology information research institute of forestry science research institute wood plastic composite.


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