Novice how to distinguish mahogany wood

Mahogany furniture is now more and more the concern of collectors, but just into the mahogany industry, not only to be trying hard to learn the knowledge of the industry, also known in the knowledge of the choice of mahogany furniture for wood in the heart. Kind of negative phenomena in the industry: First, the real ones, the second is shoddy. With five of the eight categories of mahogany wood called mahogany furniture on the market close, and wood products also have similar areas of mahogany in the national standards, to distinguish between them need to see the foundation.

The Terminalia wooden Hunchong sandalwood

The scientific name is similar to Côte d’Ivoire Terminalia wood, performance and sandalwood, partial color light yellow stripes more, the material brittle than the red sandalwood.

Pear, Brazil, India, saffron pears, Cambodia pear and rosewood

These three timber is easy Hunchong rosewood timber on the market, in fact, Asian pear, and does not belong to the mahogany. The rosewood is the market is posing more of a timber belonging to the Pterocarpus, and can replace the wood more.

Red iron of pigeon pea and red wood

Red iron of pigeon pea market is not standardized name of red sandalwood, African Rosewood. Some consumers often mistake the red iron of pigeon pea as a red wood furniture, buy a home, after expert examination, it was found are red iron of pigeon pea. The difference is between the red iron of pigeon pea texture is more detailed, and brown eyes Composite wood decking.

Myanmar Ebony, Jiali Man Tan and striped ebony

Often with these two timber to Hunchong the striped ebony, because they are with black stripes. Striped ebony black stripes and white stripes, and by two wood is white patternWood Plastic Composite Floor.

African wooden wings posing Myanmar wooden wings

Often with African wooden wings to impersonate the wooden wings of Myanmar, Burmese wooden wings cost about African wooden wings about twice the price gap is relatively large. Identify two different materials, one look at the finish, the wooden wings of Myanmar is smooth and delicate, than the rough wooden wings in Africa; than weight, Myanmar wooden wings chicken wings wood density in Africa; is to look at the style of furniture, wooden wings in Myanmar board can only do a chair, a few classes such as small pieces of furniture, African chicken wings wood raw material is fairly thick in diameter, can be bigger cabinet, Rohan beds and other large pieces of furnitureComposite wood plastic.


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