About timber anticorrosion treatment technology

What is anticorrosive processing wood? It is coating or under the pressure of chemical perfusion wood, chemicals can improve its ability to resist corrosion and pests. Anticorrosive processing procedure does not change the basic characteristics of the wood, and instead can improve bad conditions of use laminate flooring under the service life of the building materials.

If work effectively, wood preservative must, in accordance with the regulations of the known to use under controlled conditions, which can ensure the anti-corrosion protection use good laminate flooring. Canadian standards association (CSA) published contains these standard wood protection standard. CSA O80-M standard “wood protection” on the wood for Canada varieties of the request, it also adopted the wood protector association (AWPA) of certain standard. Are easily for tree species were anticorrosive processing because cell biology principle and the program. Canada wood has a variety of species. Some species more difficult to deal with pressure.

Most anticorrosive processing is using the whole body dipping compression method, i.e. the wood is placed in a high pressure vessel, and then use the vacuum cleaner air out the cells in the laminate flooring. Preservative solution can enter the cylinder, it consists of a vacuum cleaner inhaled cells. And then in 690 to 1380 kPa (100 to 200 psi) of high pressure forcing more into the wood preservative (such as the figure 1). Final reoccupy cleaner is removed from the surface of the excess chemicals. For all types of anticorrosive processing method is concerned, can enter and keep in the cells of the preservative in some extent, depends on the number of wood water content. Methods in the process of cells exist in the hole the moisture content will influence the inflow of preservatives. Because of this, the moisture content of lumber raw material quality control is one of the important aspects deck floor.

As for water-soluble preservative, dealing with the water content of the laminate flooring sawing should be in lower range (15% to 25%), so that the preservative can easily enter the cell wall, and produces chemical reaction. If the cells have excessive moisture, the once deal with the pressure decline, the springback pressure will preservatives from cells ranked out.

In order to enhance wood preservers of infiltration degrees, the application of a regulation procedures to reduce the moisture content of lumber. Method can be airing, kiln dried or in dealing with in the cylinder use steam and vacuum, also can be in vacuum conditions will boil treating solution. In order to avoid dealing with excessive chemicals after release, should be in manufacturing premises set aside time to let into the laminate flooring of the cell wall chemicals fixation. Once a solid phase over, water-soluble preservatives in chemical adsorption in the way cell walls How to lay Laminate flooringing.


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