laminate flooring board production process features

A, production process: with several layers or multilayer freely crisscross, after insect-resistant mouldproof processing as base material, the pine veneer stuck on 5 mm from solid wood veneer, the clean drench lacquer coating homework uniform coating surface and will actually add the finished product wood tenon after.
B, characteristics: difficult deformation, durable, uv-curable more wear-resisting, moistureproof flame retardant, heat insulation, insect-resistant eat by moth.
C, the choose and buy and maintenance of common sense:

Laminate flooring of choose and buy may refer to the following ten aspects:

1, the exterior wear-resisting revolution
The index according to the site selection, household general 6000 turn around, the public about 10000 turn. Aggrandizement laminate flooring of the main resistance has four kinds: every square metre 3 oxidation 2 aluminium content about 30 g the floor, its wear-resisting degree of about 4000 turn; 38 g or so content floor, its wear-resisting degree of about 5000 turn; Content about 44 g wear-resisting spends about 9000 turn; About 62 g resistance of content is about 19000 to turn.

2, the free formaldehyde content
Aggrandizement laminate flooring in the adhesive contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, too much formaldehyde is hazardous to your health, human body formaldehyde concentration in the long run if the environment with high, there will be the risk of cancer. Our country to public field air formaldehyde concentration has announced a compulsory standards, regulations, not more than 0.12 mg/cm3. Aggrandizement laminate flooring detection method, countries adopt “and” regulations shall not gather perforation of more than 30 mg / 100 g, best in 9 mg / 100 g the following How to lay Laminate flooringing.

3, bibulous ply expands degrees
The index is higher, the floor more expansive, state regulations the index was less than 2%.

4, inside combinative strength
The strength, the bigger the deck floor between the more closely with each layer, state regulations should reach the index above 1 Map


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