Choose the color difference of composite wood floor to the bad

Composite wood floor is lumber classics drying, the area that forms after treatment decorates material. Because the customer when buying a floor board mostly can’t figured out their advantages and disadvantages, plus in construction method wrong, thus appeared a lot of composite wood floor change shape, black and the quality problems, unnecessary financial losses.How to choose and buy composite wood floor?

Composite wood floor surface processing according to the depth of the divided into two classes. One kind is lacquer board, namely the surface of the composite wood floor has painted the paint, can be directly mounted after use; Another is a grain board, namely the surface of the composite wood floor no drench lacquer processing, after the laying must pass the burnish, brush paint to use.Of composite wood floor type and price position points as follows several: YunXiang hua limu, teak wood, and most expensive, cherry wood, ju, maple is the second smallest, and miscellaneous wood of northeast China ash, oak and southeast Asia keeping a Composite wood decking.

Wood Plastic Composite Floor has the AA level, class A, B level 3 grade. The AA level the highest quality, the off color at least. Inspection composite wood floor board, visual no dead section, bug, oil eye, tree quality defects such as heart, living quarter should be less than three, the depth of the crack length and must not be more than 1/5 of the thickness and length, twill slope is less than 10%, no corrosion point, graphics grain straighten out is.

Wood Plastic Composite Floor also should further testing its processing quality: surface processing smooth, without warping deformation, the mouth tenon processing unity, integrity, custom, no flash, the damage phenomenon for qualified products. Among them, to special test the moisture content of lumber, the floor with high moisture content, after installation inevitable deformation, the northern region floor moisture content should be less than 10%, wuhan area should be at about 12%, or unfavorable use.

In the choose and buy composite wood floor, should according to their actual situations. First should comply with the design requirements of in style to determine the selected of composite wood floor wood, such as color of the deep and shallow, mu wen’s spares and dense; Then according to their economic ability, is in the price positioning. Sure the above requirements, should be carefully to see of floor of wood of standard and standard slot joining together square rule: two pieces of composite wood floor is spell slot sliding, check whether sliding fluent, board and board between junction whether level off wood plastic composite decking.

In the choice of composite wood floor board, never to stand or fall off color theory. composite wood floor is natural material, even if it is a tree of wood, and it is to the sun and the shaded aspect have off color. Color difference is the natural material inevitable factors, it does not affect the quality of the floor, and it may not affect beautiful.

In addition, when the choose and buy also don’t with composite wood floor of the length of the size advantage. Long slabs demanding and select material loss is big, so the price is high, in the construction process, a bit less easily deformation. And the small plate material utilization rate is high, the price is cheap, and difficult deformation, economy applicable.


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