Detection environmental Wood Plastic Composite Floor tips

In daily life, what should we choose environmental protection floor? This paper provides testing the floor of the two environmental protection tips.

A Composite wood decking, sawed a new section, careful smell, look, if there is a pungent flavor or dazzling sense, must belong to formaldehyde exceeds the unqualified products, otherwise, the basic can be sure is environmental protection product.

Second, a small piece of the top of the sample will be in in the boiling water soak 1-3 minutes, see if stimulating odour.

Environmental Wood Plastic Composite Floor because of formaldehyde release a quantity is low, general won’t smell pungent peculiar smell. If the stimulus taste is very strong, and even make the eyes feel uncomfortable, so that the floor of the base material free-formaldehyde in more.

In addition, experts warned consumers choose and buy as far as possible to normal bazaar.

At present, in the Wood Plastic Composite Floor and use of glue on formaldehyde content, formal enterprise products shall have a national authoritative organization sampling inspection or issued by the strains inspection report, when consumer is bought, should be to businessman for and to verify.

So, in buying Composite wood decking board must sign a purchase contract with businesses, but also ask operator in the sales contract (invoice) indicate the above material information, for when occurrence dispute rights to use.

Composite wood decking brand is Composite wood decking quality sublimation, a good quality wood plastic composite decking product and service, with it, the consumer public praise will give you hang a signboard, the brand is the brand, like the world this have no road and walk of person many nature also have a road, and Wood Plastic Composite Floor quality is mainly by the sublimation of the 90% of the service to pay 100% of the efforts to promote, and not just the own quality of 10%.


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