The nature of the balsam dal floor drying and paint technology

Today’s floor industry technology increasingly fierce competition, each manufacturer is its poor can, gave all he had, after all, who has the superior technology, who can smile the ao river’s lake. Nature is the floor with good technology, to honor to be the national standard responsible for drafting unit, wood floor surface acceptance and inspection norms of industry standard drafting unit, and its products market share and sales, sales in the industry have been among the top Composite wood decking.

Drying process no in position

Drying are put in position and the service life of the floor is closely linked, therefore, this procedure to floor industry speaking absolutely cannot small gaze. The nature of balsam dal usually take to secondary drying. Opens the material (namely the sawing a raw materials plate), the first in the natural environment set period of time, the deformation and the natural strength, and then into steam drying room, 60 days before the steam room, placed a period of time after the second into steam room drying. If drying cycle short, make the floor and then be dark to crack. Steam rooms by computer control, automatic regulation dry humidity. They do this while greatly increase the cost of the production of the enterprise, but also greatly enhanced the stability of wood, make the product intrinsic quality have been reliable guaranteeWood Plastic Composite Floor.

Paint skills of perfection

Nature balsam dal floor, from appearance terms, whether inferior smooth or highlights, its hardness is moderate, and each a floor are very full, fully. Paint high hardness, flexibility he sent some, if too low, the floor wear-resisting degree and not enough, so to deal with properly; And paint only full, connect fully, to reveal the real wood floor natural scene.Need to remind consumer, balsam dal highlights because floor wood grain obvious, on the daylighting of the bedroom no requirements; Matt is required of the daylighting condition good use it to have best effect wood plastic composite decking.


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