The type of wood and to make process technology

Wood is modern decoration industry is a kind of energy saving and the trend of the decoration materials, the market of the wood basically has two kinds big, one kind is a natural wood, one kind is a science and technology veneer, both of the production process flow is not the same, small poplar wood in the relevant person in charge of the need for the illuminative consumer explain the kinds of wood and friends production process.

Natural wood, also is through the rotary cutting planer or cut wood get veneer, natural wood is based on natural rare wood simple to make the cut, plane, no other big processing, so its surface texture quite natural beauty. Another kind of wood veneer is science and technology, it can be said to be natural wood upgrade to version, it is usually the dyeing mimosa will bleaching, then to group after get cut, plane billet veneer,Wood Plastic Composite,wood plastic composite.

Science and technology is used as the role of wood veneer, its surface spelling a flower art is also common things, wood skin surface with its specific natural mechanism effect, but all kinds of science and technology have their own characteristics of wood, comparatively thick wood science and technology is not appropriate for the spelling a flower, with acidic wood surface spraying PU paint if will foam, although technology wood is natural wood, the upgrade to version, because its material and not like natural wood skin so entirely from natural wood, so its own some defects is unavoidable,Wood Plastic product.

Whether natural or wood veneer of science and technology, in the process of processing without a fixed pattern, some wood also want to specific glue, anyhow is some glue stick it begins, stick the method to have cold, hot pressing, but are not necessarily machines are used to, a lot of manual manufacturer or in irregular modelling product under the condition of the manual exercises can use, but also now have high technology vacuum stick, not only to pay attention when pressure veneer pressure go a problem but also pay attention to the quality problem, often have a bubble in wood is now,Composite Wood Outdoor Flooring.

Although the market now mu wen paper used more and more, but people on the pursuit of nature is little not the existence of natural wood still, so natural wood market still considerable.


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