Wood the antiseptic processing technology research progress

At home and abroad with the treatment method of outdoor wood basically has two kinds, atmospheric pressure method and the method of pressure. The former has besmear brushs method, spraying method, dipping treatment method, hot and cold groove method, double diffusion method, LiMu processing method, mainly for the quality requirements of processing the material is not high, small, processing capacity of durable material short time and so on; The latter says vacuum-compression technique, more for lumber size large, requirements elixir dipping deep, large quantity and so on. Commonly used by pressure have full cells method, half cell method, frequency pressure, recycling law, even pressurization processing method, it has a deal with material elixir the antiseptic depth, not, pharmacy are distributed, in process after despite vacuum process, left in the lumen potion sucked, but to exist in the cell wall, intercellular space of the drug (don’t use) can’t suck out of the wood in vitro, causing the elixir of waste, increase costs. In order to improve the treatment of the material soak and saturated with depth, by pressure to deal with the various problems of wood, in recent years, domestic and foreign researchers constantly explored, puts forward a lot of methods Wood Plastic product.

1. The CO2 supercritical fluid handling wood technology: in a 1995 timber anticorrosion new process development “(assembly), MorrellJ J, introduces the written by Madison about CO2 supercritical fluid treated wood of the article, think that this method can deal with almost all treatment to deal with tree species wood and no obvious adverse influence material, this method with the current treatment method is also effective and widened the scope of using a potion, although still need for further research and experimentation, predictability, this method will be the most revolutionary improved timber anticorrosion treatment method . Demessie E S, the use of carbon dioxide or the mixture of formaldehyde and research of supercritical fluid handling to citigroup loose the influence of the gas permeability core, think, two-thirds of the permeability increase, this seems to be the change of temperature, pressure and help solvent has nothing to do, that a single state, the extraction) the additional role that dissolve, part of the lower permeability may be because of dissolved extraction) content to exhalation wood plastic composite.

2. Wood laser Nick law: laser Nick method not destroy the timber organization, and makes the elixir easy to infuse . Ando travelling to claw shape tool interface Nick method and laser Nick method for LiuSha, Japan cypress, citigroup loose, the United States hemlock four number kind of column material makes a comparative study, the latter dip note to wood of 50% more than the former solution above, this law can adjust injection quantity and the solution-in the wood nicks location. And Nick depth and the laser light conditions and laser Nick effect on the strength of wood . in constant research the pulse laser light on the shape of the influence of hole times, think, power output is low, the irradiation time long, illuminate of deep hole no impact times; But the output power is high, the irradiation time short, with the increase of number of illuminate the deeper hole, in addition to illuminate 1, the output power of the low irradiation time long hole deep, but the difference with the increase of number of smaller and radiation, the results show that all the irradiation time short occasions, and pulse radiation than a, or irradiation can wear many times deeper hole Composite Wood Outdoor Flooring.


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