Wood dyeing technology introduction

Is wood dyeing dye and wood happen chemical or physical chemical combination, make lumber has some solid color processing process, is to improve the wood surface quality, improve wood visual characteristics and improve the important means of wood added value. Wood dyeing points dye, chemical coloring and pigment color. Wood dyeing is wood processing and use an important link in the process. According to the wood dyeing solvent divided into water-soluble dye, alcohol-soluble dye and oil-soluble dye, dyeing way by dyeing method and surface into depth dyeing method. The main treatment with depth dyeing processing wood veneer and dipping, such as temps veneer dyeing and technology of wooden veneer dyeing etc. Surface with spraying, dyeing is brush or curtain coating methods to deal with the surface of the wood wood plastic composite.

There are many methods to wood dyeing, depending on the use of dyeing material and decide. Wood industry usually adopt a veneer dyeing, veneer dyeing and real wood dyeing several methods. Veneer dyeing refers to the thickness of 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm to cut, plane, veneer. Veneer dyeing by dipping to spin processing is sliced veneer dyeing method of uniform, veneer thickness of 0.5 ~ 3 mm. Veneer dyeing process for tree species and dye different difference is very big. Color fastness mainly used for science and technology of wooden group billet board. Real wood dyeing is FangCai or log on the dyeing processing, dyeing materials mainly used as the plane cut veneer, or make high-grade furniture or decoration materials. Due to the large thickness, wood long, under routine conditions by dyeing liquid own permeability, it is hard to even thorough wood dyeing, must be in high temperature, high voltage vacuum, complex conditions, such as completed Wood Plastic product.

Wood dyeing effects dyeing rate is above all, dyed sex and the sun fastness and indicators to measure, except by the dye, additives and dyeing pH value and dyeing process, the effect of outside, still be tree species and lumber organization structure and the influence of the chemical composition. Because of the diversity and complexity of wood structure, and wood dyeing industry is a new industry, because of the different species of dyeing, different for wood dyeing of dye sex, different product of suitable dyes for all of the many problems that need to be studied further Composite Wood Outdoor Flooring.


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