Annatto furniture and the moisture content of timber drying process

Annatto furniture as a kind of high-grade durable consumer goods, its making is a very exquisite knowledge. Any a set of annatto furniture production needs to pass a timber material, wood drying, woodworking forming, coating xiu paint etc to complete, and of those, the moisture content of timber with furniture and wood dry processing is most important, because this is the basic requirement of annatto furniture production, one of the finished product furniture or will appear panel cracking deformation, a joint structure loose, dampers bug eat by moth mildew etc. Phenomenon, the quality of the furniture also can’t guarantee.

China’s traditional annatto furniture production mode is a long process, the main reason is that long period of wood drying of the original and must launch hold rich dry experience, such as use log for long time (usually in the river to edge out the bad skin), cross cutting saw a long time after pile up dry (pergamino air drying under several years and constantly conversion) and so on, so the traditional annatto furniture production is normally made by using mill production methods.

Along with the development of modern furniture industry, wood drying equipment is perfect, use advanced technology dry wood furniture production cycle shorten has become a modern annatto furniture enterprise a big problem. According to the light industries concerned furniture quality standard provisions of the moisture content of lumber “products should be no higher than average product region wood average moisture content 1%”, annatto furniture production enterprise shall be the moisture content of timber strict control to ensure that the quality of the furniture of wood drying processes improper, if will directly influence the wood material and the service life of furniture of. The annatto furniture factory is commonly used several annatto materials drying method to make a brief introduction:

(1) small cook (braize) drying treatment method with some smaller annatto furniture factory because of the money, equipment limitations, often use saw good wood into the pond cook (braize) for a period of time after the HongFang drying method to deal with into annatto, but some wood such as chicken wings wood processing not affect wood drying quality.

(2) thermal drying treatment method using the boiler heat or electricity heating to bake wood, but this kind of drying more difficult to control the humidity and lumber moisture content, improper could also lead to dry for lumber is uneven release what happened the destruction of the wooden fiber organization (wood strength less), need certain dry experience to achieve dry requirements, apply to chicken wings and other hard wood lumber dry weight class wood plastic composite.

(3) steam drying treatment method with a certain scale of annatto furniture factory for drying technology and batch requirements, the boiler steam wet high temperature drying make lumber moisture content to skim the requirements of the (from the kiln timber moisture content when below 12%, plank moisture content 6-10%), wood drying of selected and wood resurgence benchmark for different health material also different. And after steam drying process after the annatto furniture made of wood of the finished product moisture content general all can reach the quality requirements, such as the jiangsu and zhejiang area below 16% moisture conten laminate flooringt.

(4) of annatto furniture manufacturers (production enterprise) have used (test) microwave drying method to deal with wood, for high cost and technical difficulty bigger not commercial production, but with the development of science and technology, annatto furniture, the moisture content of timber and wood drying technology requirements to further improve, annatto treatment to a new level, annatto furniture quality also be ensuredComposite Wood Outdoor Flooring.


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