Good employees must abide by the five industry rules

A few days ago, do business with a friend a cup of tea, he to tell me one thing that has recently occurred, a business manager in socializing with customers drinking too much wine, not careful of the company production costs to disclose to customers, and ultimately lead to a more than 90 million single lost Finally, he put the employee to the dismissal of the employee to go cried and begged him to stay, but he refused, now tell me the process, he is very sorry, because the staff with him for nearly four years, as an outsider, I can not say right or wrong, but I know and understand their role as employees of an enterprise should always then a good corporate employees should comply with industry rules?

Conservative corporate secrets: as one of the company’s trade secrets of the conservative enterprise is the most fundamental duty of every employee, which is to say, what not to say, know what not to know the mind must be clear, just like the employees of the above enterprises is no conservative corporate trade secrets, and ultimately led to the company’s economic losses;

Protect the business interests: You work in an enterprise, to give you wages, you have the responsibility to protect the interests of enterprises, which is every employee must be a clear reason, harm the interests of the company due to certain acts of the employees, then employees own interests will be affected, which is why we Mongolia tiger team often speak with every employee;

Abide by professional ethics: professional ethics, I personally think that is always said life’s basic bottom line, general business, first person, after work, that is the work ethic of the staff, some time ago, elderly health care in the golden key to shopping mall an employee to steal the private purchase of the company purchasing the product price list, in fact, nothing, because a lot of products online are open, but he do not to do things, do things contrary to professional ethics, but the company finally left him, because no economic loss caused to the company, maybe he does want to know the reserve price of the product, so consider allowing him to do the procurement should be the most appropriate, because of too much to worry about wood plastic composite;

Do their job: as the employees of an enterprise, we must first do their own work, doing their own work under the premise, and then consider other things to worry about too much will only affect their own work, in the end, which have done not good laminate flooring.

Maintain practice what they preach: Speaking of that we should do, can not, not to mention too full, some employees, especially new to a company’s management, previous work experience that is very good, but a new companies really do, to become two different things, not only do well, the contrary would be counterproductive to individuals before bad habits have brought the new company, a direct impact on other employees’ behavior, so a good staff must To practice what they preach, in strict compliance with the management system Composite Deck Board;


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