Beat the Burglar 

Since the recession burglaries have been on the rise so below we highlight a few simple steps that will help you “beat the burglar”.

Also, use the ‘Article Index’ (on the right of this page) to find products you can install yourself to make your home more secure. You can also use the index link to find professionals, such as CCTV and security alarm installers, in your area.

First, if you have an alarm (preferably monitored) make sure that it is activated every time you leave your home.When leaving the house make sure all doors and windows are securely locked as many burglaries take place because the homeowner leaves a window or door open.Do not leave ladders, or other items that might assist the burglar, lying around the garden or in an unlocked shed.

Hide spare keys in less obvious places. Maybe you keep a spare key under the welcome mat. On top of the doorframe or under a stone turtle in your garden. If you are going to hide a key make sure it is in an inconspicuous spot.

If you’re going away, ask a trusted neighbour to stop by the house and remove any letters or flyers sticking out of the letterbox, as this is a dead giveaway the house is unoccupied. Alternatively, inform your postman that you will be away and ask him to deliver to a trustworthy neighbour.

Finally, make sure that you have sufficient insurance cover. “It’s important to fully insure the contents of your home,” says David Hughes, manager of home insurance at, “If the contents are underinsured you may have difficulty claiming for the full value.”

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