Plastic Extrusion Process is a mystery

Human beings are curious about everything, and if without the natural attitude, it is doubtful that if we would have advanced as far as we have now. Curiosity drives us to discover new horizons, to look for a better way to do things, and to ask everythings. It’s not surprising that people involved in manufacturing, are not quite curious about, produce commodities.Even the process of the plastic extrusion used by the Plastic Extrusion Machine and how the industry has developed different types of plastics are interesting, While ordinary people may not quite know how it’s done.

With technical knowledge and engineering skills, plastic can be converted into any desired shape. Plastic is such material, which in its variety of designs and colours. Industries use the plastic extrusion process to shape the products, for which a variety of sophisticated extrusion machines with unique features are available in the market.

A common, everyday material such as PVC Plastic begins its life cycle as a raw material.This powder or the pellets are funnelled into an extruder, which has a rotating screw inside it, and this pushes the plastic material through the machine. This rotating screw lies inside a cylindrical shaped heated barrel and as the plastic material passes through, it softens from the friction and heat.

An extrusion machine or Plastic Extrusion Line consist of various component for the various stage of the extrusion process. The entire process can be fully automated. Plastic can be extruded in the continuous and semi-continuous manner and in various shapes like round, rectangular, tubes etc. The resin that is introduced into the machine, get melted and eventually forced out. The design of the mould decides the ultimate shape of the products.

There are a number of different extrusion processes used depending on the type of material needed and the specifications of the client. In a process called co-extrusion, it is now possible to produce several different types of plastic in the same Plastic Extrusion Lines ,which includes Pipe extrusion line , Profile extrusion line ,Board extrusion line and so on .

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