Annatto furniture different wood characteristics determine the long-term value

In recent years the price soaring annatto furniture, and increasingly warming collection annatto furniture upsurge, industry insiders point, annatto furniture on 5 of 8 species, different growth cycle and wood characteristics, determine the long-term value.a

“Annatto” of the scope for 5:8 classes. 5 genera of red sandalwood is HuangTan genera and persimmon, of, of TieDaoMu and of beans. Eight kinds of wood is named after the brand name, namely red sandalwood wood kind, hua limu kind, sweet branch wood kind, black, red SuanZhiMu of acid branch of ebony, kind, stripe of ebony and chicken wings of wood. Annatto refers to the eight kinds of wood 5 genera of the central part. In addition to making the wood furniture are cannot be called the annatto furniture.

Red sandalwood wood furniture: red sandalwood is annatto of high-quality goods, the leading producer is India, growth period around 500, timber purple black color, density, high hardness, feels very exquisite.

On the market at present the circulation of red sandalwood furniture, all is the Ming and qing dynasties, from India, South Africa shipped back to China. There are few large products, mainly arhat bed, desk, bookcase to give priority to. The market price for each of 400000 yuan to 500000 yuan.

Hainan chrysanthemum pear: annatto “gentleman”, raw material supply already “flow”. Of all the annatto furniture, chrysanthemum pear is exquisite and degree of the highest wood, it high oil content, luster, simple sense as a jade, known as the “gentleman” wood.

At present, the best on the market chrysanthemum pear from hainan province, the original chrysanthemum pear wood has been cut down completely. New tree species but fingers thick, belong to national ban cut object, hainan chrysanthemum pear supply has “flow”. Hainan chrysanthemum pear furniture now only buy old furniture to design new combination of way, Vietnam chrysanthemum pear also became a wanted man in the market. Chrysanthemum pear growth cycle in the 500 s, hainan chrysanthemum pear price 1 million yuan a ton of above; Vietnam chrysanthemum pear every tons of 600000 yuan.

SuanZhiMu: “jealous” wood, natural air pure and fresh agent. As long as the nose in SuanZhiMu furniture, can have a shares the pungent odor of sour blew on, divided into black acid branch, spend acid branch, bright red acid branch, each acid branches of the different color, texture, texture is not the same. SuanZhiMu growth cycle around 300, the market price for each of 70000 yuan to 80000 yuan.

Chicken wings wood: “red bean born austral”, named by the texture. Chicken wings wood also called “red bean wood”, the poem “red bean was born in the south, spring to send a few branches” is a metaphor. With color named in many wood, wood texture is only chicken wings named after the internal. Chicken wings by ZiHeSe depth and longitudinal cut wood into lines.

At present, the world’s best chicken wings wood is from myanmar, Africa chicken wings as Burma to wood. General growth cycle in the 100 s, the market price for 12000 yuan a ton.

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