Rookie will decorate see “with the” wood of choose and buy

Decorate it to rookie, how to choose and buy lumber is a required course. Because decorate natural cannot leave the woodworking materials advocate, now in the market common to the woodiness adornment of materials mainly is all sorts of woodiness man-made board, artificial panels, assembly and wooden lines, etc. To introduce below small make up different wood of choose and buy the little knowledge.

A, wooden man-made board.

Woodiness man-made board is use wood, wood fiber, woodiness broken material or other plant fiber as the raw material, and adhesives and other additives made of the plank. The main products are the woodiness board veneer, plywood, joinery board, chipboard and particieboard.

Plywood, plywood consists of three layers above a veneer plywood consists of hardwood material glue a plywood and conifers material plastic plywood two kinds.

Fiber board: fiberboard is lumber, bamboo or other crops such as straw plant fiber processing from the man-made board. According to the different nature into hard fiberboard fibreboard, half hardboard and soft fiberboard three, mainly for the aggrandizement wood floor, door plank, partition, the furniture and so on.

Particieboard: particieboard, also known as broken material board, is to use woodiness broken material as the main raw material, material and additive on plywood by pressing a thin board collectively, according to suppress method can be divided into extrusion particieboard, flat crush particieboard two, is currently ambry main material.

The joiner board: the joiner board of the middle of the is the natural batten, glue them into a core, two sides stick on the very thin veneer, commonly known as the big core board, is decorated in the main one of the material. The waterproof properties is good, can make furniture and bag wooden door and door cover, central heating, curtain box of window, etc.

Broken board: it is to use wood processing for the horn side more than expected, the chopped, dry, hang glue, hot pressing and into.

Wood silk plate: and WanLiBan name, is to use wood scraps, the plane machine from silk, after chemical solution of the soak, then mixed cement, into the forming compression, solidification, dry and into.

Second, artificial panels.

Artificial including decoration wood panels small stick panel design and architecture board etc. Adornment small stick wood panel is a kind of new type high decorative materials. It is the use of rare tree species, such as the teak, northeast China ash, liu according to the wood was cut by precision small chips, with plywood for the base material, USES the advanced adhesive and adhesive process produced. Big board is characteristic of our country building one of adornment board, it is in our country the unique design all sorts of lumber coating on the top is made.

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