Old customers are not to be king, dealers need new channels

Troubled in 2011, timber unbearable, weakened. Enter 2012, an option not only have no better, but rather surprising for straight down into the deeper the valley of ice.

The housing market regulation, Europe debt crisis to lose the survival of most of the market; The main importing countries Burma, Russia the limitation of export policy and tariff policy, northeast limit cut, southwest rain makes raw material prices soar, cost increase; Domestic labor rainy day, make “the labor shortage”, more make the dead leaves, worse, and rising wages, further compression profits. Enterprise has been forced to survival cordon, dealers have static in the change, also have the act, but they all coincide catches the old customers. Old customer has become a nowadays wood dealers to help straw.

The capital turnover by old customers

Survey found that, most dealers business unsatisfactory, compared to last year up greatly decreased, and the price is basic and flat last year, some varieties and even to sell price is still rare person make inquires. The dismal market for dealers frown.

Visit in understanding arrives, in the market more and more light, and profit, more and more thin, wood merchants can only rely on old customer maintain capital flow. Through the contrast also can see, operation time is long, old customer more dealers business operation time obviously better than short merchants. Old customer for just over the horizon, became. A northeast material dealers do move into the market for less than a month, so far only a shipment of ark of wooden fang, and still the villagers goods. When asked about reasons, the dealer said: “the market downturn, and almost no old customer, natural business not.” And conversely, is located in the plywood OuDeDong into wood but “business”, the daily shipment reached around 200000. In the general manager Mr. Zhang and into wood chat, he said, with a smile: “we do is long, old customer a lot, and we plank have brand, a high reputation in doing business, high reputation, business nature.” “We have more than 300 home old customers in bright light on the west, the east.” Also in the market, specializing in high-grade edge banding, always keep the good performance of a certain dealers also said.

Even if the old customer is lumber dealers “loyal supporters”, but also gave the dealers great pressure. The brunt is up recovery rare problem. Many dealer said, the past are generally month knot, but now often being dragged to 3 months or even half a year later. This is largely made wood dealers to fund turnover. Capital chain is the blood. Capital chain once fracture, the enterprise will have to face the danger of collapse. In this, and some dealers have to “against” the old customer, refused to YaKuan delivery requirements, or simply refuse to a few small enterprise deal, only do some strong enterprise.

At present, most distributors just to maintain old customer. About the development of new customers, they say, the real estate and furniture factory depression, make a few impossible. March dongguan and shenzhen furniture fair open, although to merchants brought good traffic, but very few of the real deal. At the same time, because of wood market reaching saturation, increasingly fierce competition, the high cost of development of new customers, and more transparent lumber price, more meager profit, many dealers fear “and come home shorn”, so the subjective consciousness rejection on development of new customers.

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