furniture market has not yet been fully recede as a cold

In recent years, the influence of the financial crisis has not yet been fully resolve, the national real estate control policies and a furniture industry into the “winter”. In the changeability, resistance heavy environment, furniture industry enterprises and domestic export enterprise between the envy of each other, more than is not who scenery, but thinking of each other is the difficulties faced by than their less, thus deduced a furniture version of contemporary “and” story.

One is the real estate trade leads to market downturn atrophy.

Since last year the national issued a series of real estate control policy since the domestic housing price too much momentum contained. Especially in recent months, many city housing prices have started to eased. However, from consumer point of view, housing consumption is “buy or not to buy up fall”, therefore, house prices were forced to fall, people hold currency wait-and-see attitude more adamant. This year’s “jin jiuyin 10”, whether Beijing, Shanghai, or other provinces and cities, the housing market a depression, volume pitifully low. Even more terrible, this kind of situation will last until when?

Two is a buyer’s market competition as hot as ever.

wood plastic deckFor the present China furniture market for domestic, fierce competition is unprecedented. In the market of atrophy, furniture production enterprise manufacturing furniture products is not less, this leads to domestic furniture market is becoming a buyer’s market, furniture enterprise have to in order to rob consumer and competition.

With the advent of a new round of economic crisis, the competition is becoming more and more cruel. The market consumption of, between enterprise to survive only compete to hold down prices, from all aspects sacrifice profits, to compete for consumers. As profits more and more low, many enterprise can only for another job, which also becomes a part of the furniture enterprise want to line or going out of the direct cause.

Export: difficult in no brand, the risk of exchange rate

In domestic furniture enterprise feeling survival pressure at the same time, export furniture enterprise also pressure from all parties in the pressure.

China’s export furniture enterprise, the most technically to foreign brands foundry, the production of finished products or accessories, on the cheap labor, earn the money is hard. The export enterprise, strictly speaking just outside single processing enterprise, they don’t have their own brand, but according to the customers order for processing, and most of profits are foreign buyers make go, could earn only a small part of the hard money, and may at any time by production delays or substandard products, and have to make economic compensation to customers.

In addition to production links, for many export enterprise for, the most unpredictable problem or exchange rate. Often is the product is still in production, but some foreign currency exchange rate for the renminbi is changed, make originally profitable contract, finally because the exchange rate would lose money. This has also made a lot of export enterprise dare not to order their familiar only with old customers to do business.

In recent years, the yuan continue to rise, Europe and the economic downturn, export met more resistance, which makes many export enterprise have to turn to the domestic plunge into the competitive domestic market. Objectively speaking, export turns the difficulties faced by domestic enterprises, than long-term business in domestic market of the enterprise.

Domestic enterprise want to go out, export enterprise wants to come back. A go to time, reflects the furniture industry and the international, domestic environment to the complex and changeable, also let furniture into meditation. All of the export market downturn, at the moment, the furniture industry only practicing skills, upgrade and go brand development way, to the changeable market over the difficulties.

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