The United States continues to rise in exports hardwood

The United States broad-leaved wood export committee 28 in li said, although western countries economic turbulence, in the past year, the American hardwood in China and the asia-pacific region for the application of the increase. Last year, all shipments of mainland China and Taiwan American hardwood (logs, sawn wood and veneer, plywood, decoration wood floor, wall plate with,) total value reached $828 million, a 21% increase year-on-year overall.

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China has for many years on available softwood stock of the United States export market first. In 2011, lumber products to China value of $506 million, more than 41% in 2010, to nearly their highest level in five years. To China log freight volume has established the peak of $251 million, up 11% on the previous year.

China is the world’s wood and wood products production and consumption power. At the same time, and the per capita possession forest (wood) resources less countries. With the rapid development of Chinese economy, people’s living standards improved, the furniture manufacturing get vigorous development, promote the Chinese for high quality imported wood product demand. The United States because of the unique nature of the hardwood texture texture, natural personality signs, colour and lustre is planted and registration, wide selection of, interior decoration and furniture industry in China between increasingly popular.

In the 28 guangzhou at a news conference, the American hardwood wood export commission (AHEC) announced current international hardwood world the most comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) preliminary research results of the project, with specific sufficient data proof that the American hardwood irreplaceable environmental advantage.

One of the study’s main achievement is released, including China’s export market of the hardwood lumber and veneer “environmental protection product declaration” index. The index in specific environmental impact of several factors provide clear data, such as products contain energy. Through the “environmental protection product declaration” index, architects and designers can more easily identify what materials with green building quota system standards.

After extensive peer review later, AHEC will in the spring to a global life cycle assessment results and announced “environmental protection product declaration” index. The project of the key preliminary results include: no matter the tree species, are still in use in the plate when 1 kg of American hardwood lumber store 1.5948 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent. From in the forest into the Eurasian market growth, the American hardwood after cutting, processing and transportation generated of carbon emissions, has been the plank product itself far to offset the carbon storage.

In addition, the LCA report shows, with each cubic meters of wood to replace the wood, average greenhouse gas emissions to reduce 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. LCA report also found, hardwood products tend to live a long, can use for decades, the carbon long-term storage, reducing the replacement product and produce of the impact on the environment.

AHEC administration director Michael Snow (Michael Snow) says: “the comprehensive research project in the whole American hardwood quantify the life cycle of environment in the full impact of the life cycle assessment and project.” environmental protection product declaration ‘index, will put forward for understanding of environmental protection material provides transparent and general standards.”

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