Wood Plastic Composite Technical Characteristics

wood plastic compositeBuilding contractors winning prize wood composites specifically for toughness and also comparison low priced. Blend goods appear in many different shades and also textures. The particular composites last properly since components regarding out of doors jobs, those who can resist extended exposures to be able to weather conditions. The reason why: they may be generally impervious to be able to temperatures imbalances and also wetness. In line with the Global Meeting regarding Community regarding Wood Research and also Engineering, “these composites are usually altered simply by extrusion techniques to have software which includes users, sheathings, decking, top tiles and also windowpane trims, together with improved upon winter and also find their way efficiency weighed against unfilled parts.


Composite products, as the name suggests, differ from their all-synthetic counterparts in that they do have an organic component in their mixture. As explained by the International Convention of Society of Wood Science and Technology, manufacturers create wood plastic composite products by “mixing wood flour and plastics to produce a material that can be processed similar to 100% plastic-based products.” The addition of real wood flour gives the product a more realistic grain and texture than its all plastic counterpart.

Types of wood

The types of wood used in the mixture vary with the types of wood most common to the area in which the manufacturers make the composite. For example, in Chile and many other countries pine is a common species. Therefore, manufacturers often use its pulp in creating composite products. Other woods can help create different consistencies, textures and hues.

Tensile Strength and Durability and Different Results

Manufacturers can create wood plastic composites by using a variety of polymers as well as wood pulps. Additionally, different extrusion machines will have different effects on density and tensile strength. According to Douglas J Gardner at the University of Maine and David Murdock at Fiber Composites, “Poly vinyl chloride provides the greatest strength and stiffness for wpc composites followed by polypropylene and polyethylene. The greater the wood content, the better the stiffness properties of the composite. However, there is a direct trade-off between wood content and the moisture-resistant properties of the wpc lumber.” So for projects which will have a greater exposure to weather and moisture, choose a wood plastic composite with a lower wood content.

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