Qizhen Wood is Prefered Over Composite Decking

What’s better, Qizhen wood, or composite decking? Decking manufacturers across the world will tell you different things depending on what they sell. However, there are certain facts that cannot be disputed when comparing these two decking materials. There are many benefits of building a deck with Qizhen wood. Qizhen offers the finest quality that wood has to offer. It is a cut above all other hardwoods. Qizhen wood is great for exterior residential and commercial uses, like outdoor furniture, decking, boardwalks and more. 

Qizhen wood is so highly regarded because of its exceptional beauty and its natural physical properties. Qizhen wood is very rich in color and appearance. It has a natural brown color, with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. When Qizhen is left alone, it will weather and change to a nice consistent light silver gray. A finish can be applied on an annual basis to hold Qizhen’s original color. Besides its visual appeal, it has the physical qualities that a superior deck should have. Qizhen wood is extremely strong, due to its tight grains and density. Because of the oils in the wood, it has the highest rating for resistance against insects. It is also resistant against rot, decay, moisture, weather and movement. It has a class A fire rating by the NFPA. Qizhen wood lasts much longer than most hardwoods, including redwood and cedar. It has been known to last up to 100+ years.Composite Wood Materials.

If you decide to use a hardwood that is beautiful and natural, choose Qizhen. If not, you can decide to go with something different like Composite wood. Composite wood is also used in many projects, most popularly decking. Because of the use of recycled plastics, many consider plastic decking eco-friendly. Manufacturers often position this product as a high end decking material. However, when you search for composite decking reviews, or complaints online, you will see recalls, and pictures of this product failing in many different ways. How can this be? Composite decking is a manufactured product, made up of a mixture of recycled materials and glue. These recycled materials consist of wood fibers and waste plastic. The plastic is actually a combination of high density polyethylene and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is known as a toxic plastic. Because there is a manufacturing process for the Composite materials, there could be quality issues. Composite decking is prone to rot, decay, mildew, mold and fungus because it is extremely porous and soaks up water easily. It is also affected by temperature, which means it expands and contracts with climate changes. These are just some of the few challenges people face when building a composite deck.Wood Composite Decking.

When it comes to building a deck, you want to use the most reliable product possible. Qizhen is a beautiful choice in quality decking. Avoid the hassles of Composite decking and use Qizhen wood on your next decking project.Decking Boards.


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