Be convinced by the beauty of composite doors

Anyone who is looking for a door which does more than just keep the house safe should take a close look at the tremendous range of composite doors now on the market. Constructed of a mix of uPVC and wood fibres, composite doors bring together the beauty of man-made and natural products in a door which will withstand the toughest of conditions.

And because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, composite doors are manufactured in a huge variety of colours, styles and configurations. For a formal yet attractive look, there is a wide range of plain composite doors available. There are designs which are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, available with several panel configurations, including single, double and four-panel.Outdoor porch flooring.

If one of the objectives of fitting a composite door is to allow light into the house, several options are also available of numbers and shapes of lights, or glazed panels, which can be incorporated. Square, rectangular, semi-circular, circular and oval lights are all commonly fitted, in a variety of sizes. But one of the beauties of composite front doors is that apertures can be cut in the door panel to any shape. This means that if someone has a one-off design in mind, the door manufacturer can often work with them to turn it into reality.

If there is enough space, a composite door with a half or full-glazed sidelight is a possible option which will result in more light entering the house. The number of options is equally wide when it comes to the colour of a composite door. Because of the way in which it is manufactured, it will come with a natural-looking grain effect finish. The surface of the door is, however, suitable for painting in a rainbow of different colours which can either accentuate or help tone down this grained effect.Outside Flooring.

That leaves the buyer of a new composite door free to choose the exact colour of finish they require. However, several colours are far more popular than others, including black, red, deep blue and green, mainly because these can be easily co-ordinated with either an existing or new colour scheme.

The main beauty of composite doors, though, is that they allow the buyer to be adventurous. While there is a good selection of tried and trusted designs available, the combination of colour and glazing options offered make it easy to have a door which reflects the owner’s tastes and personality. Plastic Wall Panels.



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