Designer composite doors

There’s nothing wrong with this, obviously, but it’s a real shame to have a disappointing lead in to a beautifully designed home, it’s a bit like putting a shabby raincoat over a designer Italian suit.

Gone are the days when in order to have a gorgeous front door you had to invest hundreds of pounds in solid wood and time consuming craftsmanship, and gone are the days when the only alternative to this was an ugly but practical white WPC door that stuck out from the exterior of your home like a sore thumb…please welcome the designer composite door!What is a Composite Panels?Composite Panels can made composite door!

Yes the name sounds about as appealing as WPC but the composite door is worlds apart, in fact it often masquerades as a wooden door, fooling all who knock on it. As it happens, composite doors have enjoyed a steady rise in popularity amongst homeowners and rightly so, they offer the best level of security short of some sort of impractical metal panic room door and really are getting ideas of design grandeur that they’re probably entitled to.

Search online for Composite wood decking doors and you’ll be amazed at the array you find before you – it’s certainly not a case of a couple of styles in black or white, it seems that whatever colour or style you want, you can get. This means that even if you live in a barn in the middle of nowhere, as long as you have a front door already (or space where one should be), you can have a composite door that fits right in and won’t look like it’s borrowed from Coronation Street. 

From glass panels and glazing designs to Composite decking effect and a rainbow of colours, the composite door can match your home, your tastes and your budget if you go to the right place. Composite doors are made up of aluminium, Glass Reinforced Plastic and WPC, making them strong enough to withstand even the most determined burglar, but they can look beautiful, making them a bit of an iron fist in a velvet glove or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Whatever metaphor you want to apply, a composite door really can be a designer door and the entrance your home deserves.


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