Composite Decking – Weighing Up The Pros And Cons

Have you ever wanted to take the party outside on a particularly pleasant, summer’s evening? Sometimes it gets a little bit cramped, even in your oversized kitchen, as your family and guests get together to exchange pleasantries. You might have an extensive garden, with mature trees and landscaping and realise that you do not really take full advantage of it. You need to get outside more, to feel "at one" with the nature all around you.

As the ground all around your home can be somewhat uneven and as you may not want to resort to paving this area, you should really consider Composite wood decking. You can select a variety of different styles to complement the look and feel of your home. If you are particularly environmentally friendly you should choose composite decking as opposed to hardwood decking, which in many respects is an environmentalist’s dream.

For entertainment purposes, an outdoor deck is a marvellous addition. You are able to instantly take advantage of clement weather, as and when it eventually arrives and don’t have to worry about preparing the space for guests. Decking, once installed, can be relatively easy to upkeep and maintain, most especially if it is of the composite variety. As it does present the homeowner with additional ways to enjoy the property and with which to entertain, it can certainly add to the value of the home and be classified, therefore, as a great investment.

Should you consider Composite Panels or hardwood decking? There are drawbacks for each and you have to weigh them all up in your mind. For example, hardwood can be a lot more difficult to maintain and is definitely subject to splintering and wood rot. Conversely, composite products made from recycled material and plastic elements can produce a more brittle end result than wood itself. Consequently, you might find that attempts to attach something to the surface using a drill might cause the deck to break and it is also important to remember that composite materials can be a little inconsistent in terms of their ability to maintain a uniform colour pattern. Weatherisation can have this effect.

We should also note that hardwood products, while they may appear more natural in some respects, do require a good amount of maintenance and must be treated with preservatives and other chemicals to fight off decomposition and infestation. While you certainly want to enjoy your new outdoor decking area, you don’t want to have to spend all of your time worrying about its upkeep either. Before you buy, research all the options, make sure that you know what has gone into the composition of your decking and how durable, or otherwise it is likely to be. Your research will definitely pay off in the long run.

If you’re enjoying your ability to converse with nature and celebrating your love of the environment all around you, do your bit for both objectives and consider Composite decking. This will allow you to get closer to our wonderful world all around us.


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