Environmentally Friendly Wardrobe Solutions

For the more environmentally conscious of you out there who require a new wardrobe, never fear.

Nowadays manufacturers create a range of wardrobes and wardrobe accessories just for you. For the most part these manufacturers use reclaimed wood in their wardrobes, but some other materials can also be used such as metal or plastic that has been reclaimed. Wardrobe systems are also available, coming in wide-ranging designs and styles. Below we outline some of the more environmentally friendly items you can find.

Composite Wood wardrobes are constructed from green-certified wood products, meaning you can enjoy the appearance and beauty of a more traditional looking wardrobe without all the environmentally damaging baggage that comes with producing one. In a nutshell, these are made by combining wood fibres with a type of resin to form a smooth but very hard material. As well as making sure the wood has been sourced responsibly, most manufacturers take great care to limit the effects of any chemicals that may be given off during the process.

Plastic and metal is gaining in popularity when it comes to wardrobe systems and shelving. For the most part these come in individual pieces that then join together, creating a DIY Security Fence system and are really ideally as an inexpensive option for those either renting a property or looking to relocate at some stage in the near future. While the plastic tends to become brittle with age, the metal obviously lasts a lot longer, although many people find the rather harsh appearance of the metal as rather off-putting.

Although under normal circumstances plastic and metal production is harsh on the environment, many manufacturers are turning to reclaimed plastic and metal as a method of making their products more environmentally friendly.Wardrobes and wardrobe solutions made almost entirely of reclaimed wood are not yet as popular as the above, but they are obviously more beneficial to the environment than the above.Security Fence and Ornamental Fence.

Manufacturers use all sorts of reclaimed wood such as old desks, tables, doors and other bits of wooden furniture to create their items. Currently, the only downside to using these materials is the cost involved. It is obviously not the cost of the raw materials themselves; rather that of time and effort needed to break them down and construct something new from them.

At the end of the day, each of the above offers advantages as well as some disadvantages when it comes to wardrobes or wardrobe solutions. You should remember though, that each one is also a lot more environmentally friendlier than traditional wardrobe construction.


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