Glass Deck Railings – Deciding On Deck Materials

If you’ve been considering building a new Composite decking or updating the one you already have, you should consider glass deck railings. Glass deck railings have a number of advantages to steel, wooden or vinyl railings, not the least of which is that they’re low maintenance. Other deck materials can be harmed by the harsh outdoor elements, especially during the winter months. If you use deck materials such as wood, for instance, you’ll need to stain your deck every year in order to avoid problems with mildew and rot.

With wooden decks, loose railings and mold can be big problems. In order to maintain structural integrity, you’ll need to do a thorough check of your wooden deck every year to make sure there aren’t any rotting boards. Wooden deck materials are usually pressure-treated, meaning rot is unlikely, but it’s still a good idea to keep your eyes open for any problems. Even pressure-treated wood can dry out and cause cracks in the railings and foot boards.waterproof laminate flooring.

Because of the yearly maintenance required when using wood for a deck, some people are turning to deck materials such as PVC and aluminum. Composite decks, which combine wood and plastic, are also becoming a popular selection. Even though composite decks may be expensive initially, they end up paying for themselves and costing less than wooden decks because of the low maintenance required. With composite deck materials you can still have the look and feel of real wood without the constant upkeep.

Aluminum deck materials can also be a smart solution if you want to avoid too much maintenance. Aluminum gives a modern feel to your deck and is ideal for deck building around a pool where wooden decks can take a beating. One of the newer options for decks are glass deck railings. A glass deck is the perfect choice when you don’t want to have to worry about deck materials becoming damaged by harsh weather.Composite wood decking.

Although with glass deck railings you’ll have to clean them pretty regularly, you don’t have to apply a stain every year or worry about wood rot. When you have a glass deck, the only maintenance that’s really required is a good dose of Windex every few days. If you keep a bottle of glass cleaner outside along with a squeegee you’ll be able to take care of any stains or spots as soon as you see them, which will make everything a lot easier. A glass deck is not affected by the elements in ways that wood and aluminum deck materials are.


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