Brazilian Walnut, also referred to as Ipe, is grown in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, and Peru. Brazilian Walnut is far more common of a species than Brazilian Cherry or Teak, and will add a great feel to elegant rooms in higher end homes and its range in colors will give you a variety of options when choosing the right flooring for your home.

The colors of Brazilian Walnut can vary significantly depending on its growing region. The color ranges from tan and light yellow to darker, deep brown. If finished with clear grade Brazilian Walnut will turn out with more of a reddish brown color. When finished with an oil-base, it will have a deep brown appearance.composite wall panel.

If you are striving to keep the natural color longer, you will want to use a water-based finish. The water-based finish will be the best finish in order to preserve this species properly. The Brazilian Walnut species is known for its ranges and colors, which will always darken over time into a medium to dark brown.

It’s ricky when it comes to staining and drying, however, because the wood has a variety of alkalines in its make-up. Oil-based stains don’t often take well.DIY Composite Decking.

The Janka hardness is 3680 making it three times harder than red oak and 126 percent harder than walnut. It is a very strong and sturdy product that wears with traffic well but it can swell with moisture if not acclimated correctly. Because of the hardness of the species, it can be difficult in installing. Manual nailing is the best way to go about installing because when using staples the wood will most like split. Brazilian Walnut flooring is one of the heaviest species, weighing-in at almost 4 pounds per square foot.

If you are looking to add elegance to your home, Brazilian Walnut is the way to go because of its durability, availability and ranges in color.Best Deck Material.


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