If you are looking for an exotic hardwood flooring that allows your home furnishings to take center stage, you may want to consider Coastal Chestnut. This great type of flooring is hardy and is a beautiful wood if you prefer to let your flooring be a backdrop for your home living, as it features a great neutral color. Coastal Chestnut can be found in the uplands of the Guianas and in Para and Amazonas in Brazil. You can also find this type of wood growing in French Guiana.recycled plastic outdoor furniture.

Coastal Chestnut heartwood is a chocolate brown color as it is freshly cut, then turning to a lighter brown color as it dries. Coastal Chestnut also has a mixed grain. The sapwood of the Coastal Chestnut is very permeable; if you choose to use this type of wood, you will need to be sure to seal it, and seal it often. The heartwood is more resistant to water damage, but it will still need to be sealed in order to make it a useable surface. Coastal Chestnut has a coarse texture and grain irregularity; it also takes to finishing well if filler is applied prior to finish. Coastal Chestnut has a hardness of 2140 on the Janka scale. To compare, Red Oak has a hardness of 1260 and Brazilian Cherry has a hardness of 2820. Therefore, Coastal Chestnut can be installed in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen, family room, or entryway. With the proper treatment and sealing, this flooring can last you for years to come.synthetic decking material reviews.

To install Coastal Chestnut wood, you can glue, nail, or staple the wood to your subfloor. It is typically used in residential buildings. Planks of Coastal Chestnut are typically 3/4” in thickness and can feature an Aluminum Oxide finish. Coastal Chestnut will usually appear in stores prefinished, with micro-beveled edges and ends.

You may also find this wood under alternative names, such as Tatabu, Zwarte kabbes (Surinam), Aramatta (Guyana), Sapupira, Botonallare, Peonia (Venezuela), and Coeur dehors (French Guiana). This wood can also be used for woodworking projects and for décor items as well.Synthetic Decking Material.


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