How about bringing a bit of the Outback (not the restaurant) into your home, business, or office? You can do just that with Australian Cypress hardwood flooring. It’s tough, unique, and beautiful and comes in a variety of tones.

So what makes Australian Cypress flooring so unique? It has to do with its dark knotholes that add tremendous amounts of character, but they do come with a bit of a tradeoff. Some finishes have trouble thoroughly protecting and adhering to the texture of these holes; just double-check with your retailer on the best finish (if you are finishing the flooring yourself and aren’t going with a pre-finished flooring) for the product, and it will be just fine.wood plastic composite india.

The color range of this species is quite extensive, all with a yellow, golden base. It can be a pale, cream colored tone or have a dark golden, tight-grained look, and just about every color in between. As the wood flooring ages, slight cracks and peeling can occur over and around the knotholes. This is simply a characteristic of this type of wood, so be sure that look is acceptable to you before you order. Your retailer can likely help with this as well.wood plastic composite manufacturers in india.

Some locales would be perfect to have Australian Cypress installed — basically anywhere you want a rustic, natural look. With the dark, deep knotholes, it’s kind of a “rough” look, so this species might not be the best choice for sleek, contemporary spaces. Think of a ski lodge or a cottage or maybe a French country kitchen. And actually this species is considered a “softwood,” not hardwood, interestingly enough, but it’s still harder than red oak, so it’s fully capable of handling traffic in residential and light commercial or retail spaces. But with a Janka rating of 1375, there are no worries about this species’ durability, strength, and density as a flooring product.WPC Decking Plank.

So definitely consider Australian Cypress wood flooring if you have a space you want to really bring the outdoors into with style and authenticity. Enjoy living with a piece of New South Wales or Queensland in your home. You’ll hear more than one Crikey! when people take a look at this beautiful floor.Synthetic Deck Boards.


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