Quality, when choosing among suppliers of hardwood flooring, is certainly the most important factor to consider. It’s difficult, though, to determine the true quality of hardwood because its quality can’t be measured in the short term. Hardwood flooring’s value is found only after years of use.

At Landmax flooring, a Taiwanese-based company with manufacturing operations in Tianjin, China, rigorous quality and durability testing is done that guarantees its products’ quality. With over 15 different species of wood to choose from in a variety of hues and in either solid or engineered versions, Landmax is a great source to look to if you have a new hardwood flooring project for your home or office.Best Deck Material.

Landmax’s hardwoods are run through the mill, so to speak, to assure the highest quality. First, the raw materials are scrutinized and sorted to make sure only the best foundation is used for their flooring — to avoid problems in the rest of the manufacturing process and to reduce the chances of boards deforming.

The wood used to manufacture Landmax’s hardwood flooring planks is kiln dried multiple times to ensure perfect moisture content in each board. The boards are then precision-milled to make sure that the interlocking pieces are perfectly formed, ensuring problem-free installation.

Last, the planks are coated with Landmax’s signature aluminum oxide and ceramic finish, which provides the flooring with a scratch, dent, and stain resistance that is the standard in the industry. Landmax has a special claim to fame as well…it was one of the first and still one of the very few hardwood manufacturers to be able to produce a smooth, high strength UV roller coating finish without leaving roller marks.Composite Deck Price.

Then the work really begins: Landmax’s engineered flooring is put through a crosshatch adhesion test, which ensures that the finished product’s layers are properly fused. They also are put through abrasion and chemical resistance/staining tests that tests the flooring’s finish and pushes it to the limit. The finish is also tested in terms of friction. In its coefficient of friction testing, you can be certain your floor will have that gorgeous, glossy look but not have the slipperiness that often comes with shine.Composite Deck Materials.

So from top to bottom and from all sides, Landmax strives to provide its customers with quality hardwood flooring that will be a tremendous asset to your home or office.


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