As you sit and look adoringly at your new composite wood floors, you think about the time, effort, and expense that went into installing them. And you’re delighted with the final result. Now it’s time to think about ongoing care and maintenance to keep your floors in excellent condition and to make them last even longer than their warranties. composite wood flooring has been used for centuries, and for good reason. If you follow some basic, simple steps, your floor will work for you for as long as you need it to.

First, different composite wood floors have distinct types of surface coatings, and each type requires specific cleaning and upkeep procedures. Caring for your floor with the wrong products or methods can actually void your warranty, so it’s vital you do your research and follow the guidelines provided by your product’s documentation and/or your retailer. That’s hard-fast rule number one.Composite Fencing Materials.

Number two, for all types of composite wood flooring, you need to have a gatekeeper, meaning a nice walk-off mat or rug at the threshold of any entrances to the outside. Grit, debris, and water are all carried along on people’s shoes, and a top quality doormat will trap those enemies of composite woods before they’re allowed to be deposited on your floor. That’s the best first line of defense. For all types of composite wood floors, sweeping or vacuuming regularly is a must. But be sure, if you use a vacuum, that it does not have a “beater brush.”

On to clean: another universal rule to follow for any composite wood is when mopping never allow water to actually pull on the surface of the floor (along with this, cleaning spills immediately are essential for all composite wood floor types). Only ever use a damp mop head that has been wrung out thoroughly. Floors that have been impregnated with acrylic and have a urethane sealer are a breeze to clean. After sweeping, slightly damp mop with a recommended cleaner.Recycled Plastic Lumber.

Don’t use oil soaps, and never use household cleaners that include ammonia or bleach. For acrylic coated floors without a urethane sealant, you clean the same way but occasionally might need to use a buffer to bring back the shine in addition to cleaning.

For composite wood floors that are coated with polyurethane, utilize recommended cleaners and never wet-mop. Also avoid using petroleum-based cleaners, wax, or household dusting sprays. When the shine dulls, it’s time to refinish and re apply a coat of urethane. For wax coated floors, you should never use water-based cleaners and buffer when the shine diminishes.Composite Floor Deck.


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