If you like choices, you’ll like LM Flooring. With all the hardwood flooring companies out there, it’s great to find a manufacturer that provides the highest quality with so many different selections to choose from. LM was founded in 2001 and shares a 2.5 million square foot designing and manufacturing facility with its parent company, Fine Furniture, Ltd. in Shanghai, China.

With over a 150 styles of wood flooring available as well as a commitment to green manufacturing and sustainability, LM Flooring is a go-to company that can provide you with the best product on the market to make your new floor the vision of perfection.Composite Decking Brands.

LM Flooring’s hardwood products are engineered products, which makes the final boards stronger and more durable that their solid counterpart — but you get the same luxurious, rustic look that solid hardwood flooring is known for and typically at a better cost.

Green is the word for just about every industry out there these days, and LM Flooring is the epitome of an environmentally conscious company. Most of the material used to form their hardwood planks is made from fast-growing trees that can be harvested within 6-10 years as opposed to the typical hardwood harvest cycles of 30-60 years.Composite Floor Decking.

The trees are also grown on plantations where the inventory and life cycles of the trees are managed carefully, and no natural forests are altered to produce LM Flooring’s hardwood products. LM’s factory recycles nearly 100% of their wood waste material. Most of the sawdust and culled wood that is left over from the manufacturing process is not sent to landfills but transferred to LM’s onsite power plant to help generate energy for its own factory. These are definitely products you can take pride in installing in your home or office because you know the raw materials were responsibly obtained.


LM Flooring has over 15 collections available in widths from your standard 3″ up to a 7″ wide plank. They organize their products in collections, which all have unique features. From the Lakeside Plank collection, which boasts gorgeous selections such as their smooth finish Butter Rum oak with its vivid contrasting red and gold colors to the Bentley collection with its Steel Gray or handscraped White Ice white oak. There’s sure to be one — actually many more than one — style and color combination that will bring your new room to life.Composite Decking Suppliers.


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