Robbins hardwood flooring is one of the manufacturers we’re proud to represent here at FastFloors. Robbins has been committed to bringing their customers the absolute best and most versatile choices to the hardwood flooring industry. If you’re a shopper, then you feel like you hit the lottery with Robbins. But there are so many choices, it can send the less savvy shopper reeling. But they’ll end up reeling you back in quickly with their high quality, beauty, and solid customer-oriented information.Decking Timber Boards.

All Robbins flooring, whether engineered or solid, comes prefinished, which means after installation, you’re done. There’s no waxing, sanding, or polyurethaning (or coughing) needed and no waiting for the finish to dry. And although hardwood flooring (contrary to rumors) is very durable and can handle traffic, there are definitely some precautions to put into place to keep your floor looking like the day it was installed.

First, if your room has an entrance the outside, a no-compromise rule is to have walk-off mats or doormats at those thresholds. Grit, stones, and road tar, can wreak havoc on any floor, but especially hardwoods. So stop them at the door.Recycled Plastic Decking Board.

You also want to make sure the floor isn’t walked on with spiked heels, especially ones that aren’t in good repair, or cleats — no floor can withstand that kind of punishment. And if you need to move furniture, be sure to use casters or sliders and don’t drag heavy furniture across a floor.

Once you’re committed to the hardwood path, then the fun starts, and with Robbins, it couldn’t be better. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, cosmopolitan loft look, a vintage, rustic log cabin-esque feel, or a classic smooth look, Robbins has a floor for you.

One of the most popular choices these days is the “distressed” look, and Robbins has a stunning line in this style. It’s great for lots of reasons but one is that it cloaks real scratches and dents with the intentional worn look the flooring comes with. You can choose from several different species of hardwood too, including cherry, maple, birch, and oak, to name a few. Robbins also has several exotic wood selections such as beautiful dark African Mahogany or Sapele with its red tone and fine grain. Widths vary as well all the way from standard 3-inch planking up to the popular 7-incher.Composite Privacy Fence.

Dark or light, handscraped or high gloss smooth, wide or narrow, Robbins hardwood floors will bring a rich, warm glow — and superior value — to your home or office.

Recently, Armstrong flooring, a premier name in the flooring industry for years, has recently purchased Robbins, and will continue to maintain the same quality and beauty that Robbins has given its customers for years. So while the name will change in the future, the quality will remain the same.


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