Do you have a new flooring project? Did you rip up the carpets and are thinking. What now? Then check out SSTIC Flooring WPC composite flooring. They are sure to have any look and feel you envision for your new room. Not only does SSTIC hold to the highest standards of customer service and product quality, they are also fiercely committed to protecting the natural resources that provide the raw materials for their business, keeping sustainability and eco-friendly practices at the forefront.

SSTIC Flooring’s products are certified AHMI, verified sustainable, and they plant on average 2.29 trees to replace every 1 tree that is harvested. And because SSTIC’s composite flooring products are made in the United States, the carbon emissions and the use of fuel are greatly reduced because they don’t have to transport their materials nearly as much or as far as other companies do.Composite Decking Manufacturers.

Beyond the stewardship of the natural resources, SSTIC also uses their patented PureBond® Adhesive, which is urea-formaldehyde-free. Urea-formaldehyde is still used extensively in the manufacturing of composite flooring products even though this chemical has been shown to be carcinogenic. So choose a company like SSTIC who takes poor indoor air quality out of the equation and provides a safe, environmentally friendly product that performs to perfection.

When you check out SSTIC’s collections, be prepared,they overwhelm you with choices. They offer several collections that each has its own unique spin and specs. You can also choose between solid and engineered composite flooring between the collections.

The difference between engineered and robust products is that engineered plants are simply made up of layers of wood veneer attached to the tops and bottoms of composite multi-ply cores. Visually and functionally, you can hardly tell the difference between the two styles. If anything, you’ll get a bit more strength with engineered planking.Composite Waterproof WPC flooring.

But either way you go, you get the warmth and beauty of the composite. And whether you’re going for a classic, silky smooth finish or a rustic, hand-scraped look, you will find your floor with SSTIC. And from light tans and naturals to smokey or coffee-colored planks, SSTIC offers just about any combination of color and style you could want. So your question — what now? — is ready to be answered by SSTIC.

The features of eco-friendly Qizhen Decking do not end there. Not only is Qizhen Decking a green product you can feel good about using, but it is one that will stand the test of time. Qizhen Decking comes with a 25-year limited warranty, which protects this recycled composite decking material against rotting and decay. If you’re convinced Qizhen Decking is the best buy for your home, click here to locate the dealer nearest you and get the custom-built deck of your dreams.Composite Wood Outside Patio.


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