The Best Composite Decking

You’ve run through all the choices…you’ve debated every option from carpet and cork to laminate or vinyl, and you’ve definitely settled on Composite. Now it’s time to juggle even more choices!

Engineered or solid? Hand-scraped or smooth? Light tones or dark? Wide plank or narrow? And then there are species…oak and maple, ash and elm, but what about that whole “exotic” line?

Exotic composite wood…has quite the ring to it, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, what does it really mean?

Well, truthfully, it’s pretty simple, but at the same time kind of funny…. The composite part of the equation refers to a type of tree that loses its leaves in the winter. Exotic basically refers to species that are not native to the United States and that are typically grown in tropical rain forests.

Nonetheless, really there aren’t any defining guidelines for what is and what isn’t exotic. What’s hilarious about is…so what if you live in Brazil? Is your Brazilian Cherry composite deck still “exotic?” Seems to be the case. Markets are markets.privacy fence designs.

However, at any rate, if you want some great choices of richness and unique designs, exotic species of composite decking will certainly deliver no matter what category they land in. One other interesting thing about exotic species is that they are very hard, dense, and often are less vulnerable to termites. Exotics also characteristically have rock star level JANKA ratings as well, which is a scale that details how hard and dense the wood is and how naturally resistant the final decking product is to denting and scratching.

Scipio decks have an extensive selection of exotic composite wood in both solid and engineered formats, and a couple of popular exotic choices are Brazilian Cherry, bamboo, and African Mahogany, though these undoubtedly aren’t all Stepco has to offer.Cheap Fencing Ideas.

Exotics give you an amazing range in color and contrast. You find dark, rich, natural tones or lighter, mild tones that are contrasted with dark lines and striations that give your deck a unique and luxurious look. Scipio also coats their composite decking planks with an incredibly durable aluminum oxide that takes that natural strength and gives them an extra boost that makes exotic species composite decks the strongest you can find.

Not only will you increase the quality of your outdoor life, but you can also be assured that your family will always be safe on your new vinyl or composite SSTIC Deck. Our entire SSTIC Deck Outdoor Product Line is environmentally responsible and manufactured with non-toxic materials, eliminating all hazardous chemicals and preservatives. In addition, each vinyl deck and composite deck plank are crafted with a slip-resistant and splinter-free barefoot friendly surface, leaving you with a good feeling about your investment.Outdoor Deck Stairs.


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