About WPC: WPC Composite Outdoor Deck Floor

You just can’t go wrong with composite Outdoor Deck Floor with its timeless beauty and charm. It’s also, thanks to specialized finishes and coatings, not the maintenance challenge you might have come to think. Its ability to add value to a home or business makes composite wood floors the way to go. And if you’re ready to go on your flooring project, WPC composite Outdoor Deck Floor is as far as you need to look.

WPC offers a stunning array of choices in composite Outdoor Deck Floor. From narrow to wide planks, from rustic, hand-scraped styles, to luxuriously smooth and glossy. You can also choose from several different species, each with its own unique striations and patterns.

WPC has flooring in Ash. Pecan, Cherry, Basswood, Maple, as well as Exotics, just to name a few. And the color range is amazing. WPC provides colors that range from blond to natural brown dark and warm tones, with reds and even multicolor. There’s definitely a color choice that will be the perfect complement to your new or remodeled room. WPC has a fabulous tool on their website that can even help you walk through designing your room with step by step ideas and suggestions.

You might be curious about the “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” ratings for WPC composite woods. This does not imply any lacking in quality or durability — it simply refers to how “rustic” you want your floors to look.

A “Good” rated floor indicates that the planking with having a greater number of pinholes, natural imperfections, or knots, which is really why some people want to install a composite wood floor in the first place. Up in the “Best” ranking, you’ll see much less spontaneous variation, and the floors will be a bit more uniform, although with any natural product, you’ll have some differences from section to section. So don’t let that moniker throw you off.

To maintain composite woods, one of your best gatekeepers (literally!) is rugs, simple mats that go in front of doors that open to the outside. They catch debris and dirt that inevitably adhere to people’s shoes. In the event that a rock stuck in someone’s shoe does get up close and personal with your composite wood floor, WPC offers a variety of care and maintenance products that can help repair a scratch or dent with ease.

Enjoy the grace and warmth of your WPC composite wood floor, and let it be a testament to the care you give to your home or office.

Composite Decking Design and Composite Deck Installation containing plastic, and therefore have good elastic modulus. In addition, because the mixing of containing fibers with plastic, and thus has considerable compressive strength and the hardwood, resistance to bending and other physical and mechanical properties and its durability is superior to ordinary wood materials. High surface hardness, is generally 2-5 times that of the woods.


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