So you’re ready to tackle it. You’re ready to grab your nail gun and table saw and finally get that dining room deck refloated with the beautiful composite wood decking that has been sitting in a pile in the hallway.

Installing a wood polymer composite decking need cheap PVC decking prices, but it can be done. The biggest key to a successful installation (and continued sanity) is the right tools! You, of course, need your big dogs: nail gun (unless you’re doing a floating deck) and various saws, but there are several other tools you might want to have in your arsenal before you kick off the project.

You can mentally separate the job into two parts, the prep and the installation. Though the install, the finished deck, is the goal and the “fun part,” the prep work has everything to do with the final look of your deck—good or bad.

1.You’ll want to remove any unstable or damaged subdecking and trim some door jambs, so you might want to have a skillsaw and a jamb saw or toe kick saw to get your base the exact shape and size. Even a Japanese pillow can do the trick.

2.You also want to make sure the moisture content of your materials and your subdeck are compatible, so moisture meters for concrete or wood, depending on your particular subdeck, are a necessity as well.

3.If your subdecking has ceramic tile or thick-set that needs removing, a concrete demo hammer could prove the best Timber Composite Decking.

And any high spots or accumulation of adhesives or material from previous decking all have to be removed as well, so consider using a concrete grinder and a deck buffer or deck scrapers.

4.You also might have a surface that isn’t level, which is must be a composite wood installation. If so, you’ll need concrete deck leveling compounds and a leveling trowel.

The final step before the boards, depending on your subdeck, is underlayment, plastic sheeting or rosin paper. And you’ll want a staple gun to tack it down.

Once you have your subdeck in shape, you’re eager for the lay down. Depending on your method, floating, glue down, or nail down, you’ll need some different tools.

1.Floating, of course is the easiest, and all you need is a table saw and/or a miter saw to put the planks together in the correct position and finish out rows that don’t fit full-size beds.

2.If you are gluing, in addition to saws, you’ll need your adhesive and a trowel.

3.If you’re nailing or stapling, you definitely want a nail gun or staple gun that has the kick of compressed air behind it, and if you don’t have one, you can rent an air compressor for your day of installation.

4.And the most important tool of all—knee pads (We’re not kidding!)

Genuine wood, solid wood, composite wood or simply wooden decking (as it is also known) is the finest decking solution that you can choose for your home.

As the name suggests,Waterproof Composite Decking doesn’t just look authentic, it is authentic. Each plank is milled from a single piece of timber, so there are no veneers used; exactly one piece of wood. These decks were originally used for additional support within a building, but – while we now favour their aesthetics over their practical values – the reward for choosing solid wood decking is more than merely superficial.


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