Europe allusion ship deck series aggrandizement is Composite wood floor quality outstanding

Aggrandizement is composite wood floor has always been the most concern market one of the products, it is a beautiful, durable, price is low wait for a characteristic, get the favour of a lot of consumers. On the market at present, there are so many types of aggrandizement floor, product quality is uneven, how to choose and buy one satisfied aggrandizement floor, let many consumers quite few brains. This week editor for you to recommend a new on the market sell like hot cakes aggrandizement is composite wood floor, for reference.

How to floor of choose and buy? Choose which paragraph floor the most appropriate? At present a lot of the consumer is quite a headache problem, this period, small make up for being selected and will face choice floor friend sum up, the hope can bring you some effective information! Popular on the market at present of floor can be divided into aggrandizement wood floor, the solid wood floor, bamboo floor, cork floor, solid mu gu joins a floor board to wait for a few classes, and choose which kind of floor cannot treat as the same, want to see the owner’s demand to set. The small make up emphatically recommended a very concern aggrandizement is composite wood floor.

Optimal point: a. wear-resisting: about common lacquer act floor of the 10 ~ 30 times more; B. beautiful: available computer emulation produce all kinds of wood grain and pattern, color; Cristiano stability: completely break up the original wood organization, destroy the anisotropy and wet bilge drying shrinkage characteristics, size very stable, particularly suitable for floor heating system room, D. and impact resistance, antistatic, be able to bear or endure pollution resistance, light, be able to bear or endure of cigarette calcination, easy installation, maintenance is simple, etc.

Lack of point: Blisters damaged beyond repair, crural feeling is poor. Particularly want to point out is the past had dealer said aggrandizement is Composite wood floor is “waterproof floor,” this is only for surface is concerned, in fact aggrandizement is Composite wood floor use only to avoid is blister; Solid mu gu joins floor, aggrandizement is Composite wood floor at present by the supplier is responsible for all laid.

Europe allusion this kind of aggrandizement floor is imitation Athens white oak texture, and at the same time, imitation wood effect to do a good job in the remote observation is very difficult to distinguish with real wood texture. The whole shop is installed. The texture performance clear smooth, softens the color of quietly elegant can gain good visual effect.

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