Home building and home ownership have really exploded in the past few generations. Decking technologies have developed in leaps and bounds in that same time. However, one style that has been lost is the hand-made, antique look in favor of manufactured woods and alternate decking materials. While those technologies have made better decks with more unique applications, many homeowners are looking for the antique style again. That old world look can be captured again in a new construction or renovation with wide plank and hand scraped composite wood Decks.

Wide Plank Composite Wood Decking

Composite Wood Decks made from wide planks called back to older days when harvested trees were lumbered into planks that were at least a foot wide. This wood was from old composite wood that was aged for decades, producing a rich tapestry of knots and grains. Today, this book comes from recycling old composite woods and reclaimed wood from demolished structures that are filled back into wide planks. The wood is new, but the look is old world.

Hand Scraped Composite wood Decking

There are still craftsman out there who hand make their own composite wood planks. Each piece of wood is individually worked which grants them a unique appearance. The Amish artisans are renowned for their beautiful hand scraped composite wood decking planks. Modern manufactures can replicate that effect on distressed wood, which is wood that has been artificially aged and worn to simulate this beautiful, natural wood.

Not only will you increase the quality of your outdoor life, but you can also be assured that your family will always be safe on your new vinyl or composite SSTIC Deck. Our entire SSTIC Deck Outdoor Product Line is environmentally responsible and manufactured with non-toxic materials, eliminating all hazardous chemicals and preservatives. In addition, each vinyl deck and composite deck plank are crafted with a slip-resistant and splinter-free barefoot friendly surface, leaving you with a good feeling about your investment…

Wood plastic composite echo deck, with its excellent water resistance, especially suitable for use in a water environment, mainly used for indoor toilet, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor, such as parks, the beach along the cliff, residential, gardens, ecological wood can also be used such as sauna, swimming pool.

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