The Way Of Composite Wood Decks Staining

Composite wood decks are an elegant choice in home decorating. The wide variety of available colors can create a modern look or the feel of a casual, rustic country home. Composite wood decking stands up extremely well to time. However, the color and finish on a composite wood deck can and will change over enough years due to exposure to UV rays from sunlight or in heavy traffic. Sometimes, homeowners want to redecorate a room, buy a new furniture suite, or update to a contemporary style. In all of these cases, staining a composite wood deck will breathe new life into a room to either match a new style or revitalize the current look.

Staining Of Composite Decking

Staining a composite wood deck gives the homeowner new color options. Lighter stains, such as oak or maple, can make a room feel larger and give it a country or casual look. Using a darker stain like mahogany or cherry can transform a room into a formal dining area. Whether a deck is to be stained lighter or darker, do not try to match the new color to furniture or cabinetry colors exactly. Getting a perfect match is nearly impossible. It is better to use complementary colors rather than choosing a color that is close, but not quite right, as it will stand out as a mismatch.

Overall, homes with composite wood decks are in higher demand and sell for greater prices, so refurnishing and staining a deck can be a good investment to build home equity. Whatever the reason, adding a fresh look to a composite wood deck will enhance the beauty of any room and the owner’s enjoyment of that space.

Composite Wood Decking

The composite wood decking is a new type of composite made by mixing 60% bamboo powder with 40% in HDPE. The beauty of the wood with the power of the plastic. Our composite wood decking is a safe, environmentally responsible alternative new material which doesn’t need to paint and glue for its special manufacturing technique and characters. This composite wood decking, is a strong, moisture resistant material, which tolerates the intense weather variations. It is a safe, environmentally responsible alternative to traditional decks, conserving energy and resources.

Composite Decking System

SSTIC Composite Deck System features an attractive rough-sawn finish with a top V-groove design. Our Composite Decking, developed with a patented PFP (purified Fiber Process), eliminates the drastic color change commonly associated with other composite decking products, so it still looks new after years of enjoyment! Excellent strength and durability of our composite decking plank are proven to be 30 to 50 percent stronger than other composite decking materials. The plank’s composition is also resistant to insects, rotting and decay. Our Composite Decking System is available in two fade-resistant colors: Sandalwood and Victoria Gray.

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