How to install and maintenance of solid wood, laminate flooring

Experts pointed out, the decision because of the characteristics of solid wood flooring, installation and improper use, even if the fully qualified product quality problems can also occur, so it is very important to maintain the floor.

Solid wood flooring maintenance, must pay attention to the ground was dry and clean. Usually floor moisture content is kept at 8 – 13%, so that the floor, in the normal case is usually not issued.

But if laying and improper use can cause quality problems of solid wood flooring, for example, did not do deal with moisture, or wet, or alkaline, soapy water, it will damage the paint brightness; toilet room on the ground to prevent isolation; The summer did not pay attention to pull the curtains, bed fierce burning sun exposure after color; air conditioning pyrolysis temperature is too low, day and night temperature changes too much, resulting in floor expansion or contraction is too violent and cause deformation of the floor, cracking.Outdoor Patio Flooring

The floor is in use, such as individual floor shell or off, should immediately pick up the floor, shovel to the old and gray plastic end, new plastic compaction. If an individual floor coating is damaged or thief, water sandpaper. 400 years in soapy water and polished, then clean, working with the local complementary colors, color dry brush paint, after 24 hours, with 400 water sandpaper down, then use the pull-polishing.

A month to play a wax is the best maintenance methods, but before waxing to clean moisture and stains.

Laminate flooring maintenance principles

Strengthen the wooden floor has its own characteristics, so the maintenance of some of the principles and considerations. Generally, laminate flooring maintenance than solid wood flooring is relatively simple, as long as the attention for some time, to ensure the normal use it.Composite Decking Material

Cleaning floors should focus on keeping the floor dry, so do not rinse with plenty of water, careful to avoid floor local long-term immersion. Cleaning stains also want to use the neutral detergent treatment, cannot use alkaline water or soapy water.

Avoid direct sunlight on the floor to avoid the rain, moisture, it is equally important to strengthen the floor. In addition, note that the indoor ventilation, keeps the indoor temperature, but also increase the life of the floor.

Strengthen the floor does not need to paint and wax, solid wood flooring, avoid using sandpaper polished solid wood flooring, laminate flooring material properties different from the surface are very smooth, good brightness, waxing it would be superfluous.Composite Wood Fencing


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