Easton Fastpitch Softball Bats Stealth Clarity & Synergy

Before 1969, but manufacturing was a pretty straight forward affair. That all changed when Easton released the first aluminum bat, a radical change in technology that launched the little known company into the limelight. Since then, Easton has continued to innovate, with each item in their complete line of fast pitch softball bats, gloves and bags reflecting the careful consideration they give to functionality and technology. Their exclusive, patented technologies such as Carbon Nanotube (CNT), Vibration Reduction System (VRS) and Visual Composite Technology (VCT or Clarity), just to name a few; raise the bar in both functionality of a fast pitch softball bat and integrity of the game.Composite Outdoor Decking

The Easton Clarity models, in particular, bring to the game a new era of austere integrity and performance. It is well known that once these composite bats are fully broken in they become more flexible and give more pop when hit. Although this is great for the individual user, it provides an unfair advantage in competition and is not allowed in league play. To counteract this, the various governing boards have set guidelines for boat use; but until clear, there was no way to tell when a bat has been used beyond its legal limit. Clarity is an ultra-thin see through layer that encases the surface of the bat. This layer will start to develop tiny white cracks along the surface as the multifarious material starts to break down. By the time the boat is beyond legitimate use, it will be completely white, making it easier for Umps to determine the eligibility of the bat. Thereby effectively maintaining the integrity of the ball game.Composite Decking Materials

Of the Clarity models, the 2009 Easton Stealth clarity is the most popular fast pitch softball bat around, and for good reason. The bag features connexion, the patented 2-piece technology that acts like a hinge and provides the most efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel. Also featured is CNT, a composite material that delivers both strength and flexibility, effectively lengthening the sweet spot. This combination of connexion and CNT makes for a swift swinging bat with maximum head speed driving power into one of the longest hitting zones.

Another popular option is the Easton Synergy clarity. This Easton fast pitch softball bat is likewise made of CNT, giving one of the longest hitting zones, but also features VRS (Vibration Reduction System) which eliminates vibration from hitting, making this one of the most comfortable boats to use. Easton Synergy clearly complies with all but performance standards including ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF. Unlike the Easton Stealth clarity, Easton Synergy doesn use ConneXion technology, delivering peace of mind to those who worry about breakage. Composite Picket Fencing


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