Different Paving Material for Swimming Pool Decking

Pavers lend an elegant look to your home outdoors. They enhance the visual appeal of your pool deck and driveway. There are several shapes, sizes and designs in pavers, giving homeowners a multitude of options to choose from. The selection of paving material is a vital part of the swimming pool design. There are quite a few choices in the pool decking material. Depending on your style preferences and budget, you can opt for concrete, travertine or natural stones such as bluestone. For bigger concrete pools, a large square foot of pool decking space will need to be paved, so keep costs in mind before selecting the right material. If you have a sizeable budget, then you can even consider customizing your pool deck design for sunbathing or even barbecuing.


Concrete is an inexpensive paving material, used typically with concrete pools. They come in many different colors, such as tan, grey, red, caramel, beige and brown. You can choose different geometric design patterns in a concrete paver. They can be fixed diagonal or parallel to the home for the desired look. Diagonal patterns will make the surrounding area appear larger. With every paver you select, you also have a matching pool coping. A coping is a cap that is placed on the edge of the swimming pool. It is best to go for light colored pavers for concrete pools as the darker ones heat up quickly, making your feet hurt when you walk barefoot over them.affordable composite decking


A natural stone such as travertine is a great paving material choice. Though it is more expensive that a concrete paver, it lends an attractive look and its color does not fade over time. They come in different sizes and patterns. The pool copings are also available in many widths. A travertine paving lends a more upscale and luxurious look compared to other material. You can select a wider 18 inches coping for a pool with standard geometric shaped or curvilinear pools. They do not heat up, so they will always feel cool on your feet when you walk over the paving.


This is again a natural stone, with a standout color and texture. Bluestone pavers are attractive and come in different designs. They also have a non-slip surface. A disadvantage is that pavers made from this material heat up quickly, making it difficult to walk barefoot over them. When you install bluestone pavers, check for spots or stains and clean them off immediately. Also, before you seal the pavers, make sure that the surface is free of stains and debris. Composite Decking Price

Resurfacing a pool deck with pavers is a good option as they can easily be removed and replaced when required. Pavers impart a high-end look to all types of swimming pools, including vinyl-lines, fiberglass and concrete pools. Other than design. Durability, cleaning and maintenance are other factor you should consider when you choose the paving material. For best results, approach a professional landscape consultant to understand how best to enhance the look and feel of your pool area. wpc decking


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