The ecological wood outdoor deck maintenance

Ecological wood is used in indoor and outdoor decoration by virtue of its superior characteristics. Pe WPC knew as the main force of the outdoor decorative material of this environmentally friendly eco-wood energy saving, and different shapes, colors flexible products accounted for half of general ecological wood outdoor deck used general ecological wood wall panels and ecological wood outdoor deck flooring. Colleagues in the pursuit of natural beauty sometimes ignored for outdoor decorated maintenance, home we guarantee a good prerequisite for ecological wood quality through the maintenance of the ecological wood outdoor deck material can extend the time of the outcome of your decorative.

Polymerized the ecological wood by the PVC and wood, because of its material properties, 80 to 85 ° C begin to soften, have better mechanical properties, tensile strength 60MPa around, impact strength of 5 ~ 10kJ/m2; decided ecological wood outdoor deck material the use of suitable environment temperature close to 80 degrees, the ecological wood outdoor deck environment applications should be below 60 degrees. In addition, the temperature is too high will cause mild oxidation of the surface layer. In outdoor applications, the exterior wall panels of the ecological wood outer coating varnishes, neither changing the ecological wood color styles, but also can make it with a layer of the spacer layer so that it is reduced by the external environment, as well as If sun exposure is bound to cause the temperature is too high, the general temperature is not high, and 65 degrees is not caused by the shadow of other eco-wood, although there will be slight softening at 80 to 85 degrees, but it is a security barrier burning material, suitable for ninety percent of the renovation environment, especially interior decoration, you can rest assured that use.Cheap Fence Panels

Ecological flooring maintenance nine purpose

The use and maintenance of the ecological wood flooring is relatively simple, it is recommended that you just pay attention to the following points in the day-to-day use, we can guarantee the normal use of the floor.

(1) All wood flooring will increase or decrease with environmental moisture change its moisture content or temperature changes affect the expansion and contraction of the floor. It should protect the skin, to maintain reasonable moisture content of the floor.

(2) floor usually does not need waxing and paint. Do not be polished with sandpaper.composite decking style

(3) is recommended to be placed at the door kicking rub pads prevent bringing into dust particles, damage the floor.

(4) The floor surface stains and grease Please be cleaned with household cleaners, do not use a lot of water to clean the floor.

(5) the northern dry areas, it is recommended that you increase the humidity of the floor surface should be noted that in the winter, mopping the floor with a damp mop, and appropriately increase the surface humidity, can effectively solve the floor to create gaps and cracking. Individual position cracking units sold, please notify the local fill handle. Appropriate increase in surface humidity, in filling facilitate floor restoration.

(6) during the rainy season Note close the windows to avoid pigwash rain.

(7) Heating, air conditioning and indoor facilities, please pay attention to maintenance, to avoid leaking soaked floor. Should you notice the floor soaked in water, the recommendations should have been water-soaked floor removed, dry in the shade or promptly notify the sales unit for processing.WPC Decking

(8) in the bathroom at the kitchen door, should pay attention to the timely liquidation of stagnant water.

(9) Do not drag when moving furniture. Lifting is appropriate.


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