Solid wood flooring How to choose?

The use of wood flooring bedroom family more and more. Wood flooring is warm and soft, natural and pleasant, soundproofed, foot feeling good, very popular in some Western countries. But due to lack of understanding of many users on the wooden floor, various unsatisfactory shortcomings, this introduced the knowledge of the solid wood flooring for friends as a reference.

Wood flooring teak, Oak, catalpa wood, Ash, birch and other materials on the market. The main raw materials of domestic wood floor from Northeast Changbaishan and Xiaoxing’angling, region. Beautiful teak natural texture, excellent performance is excellent material for production of wood flooring, the price is also higher; superior materials of the physical properties of the oak is better than Ash, wood flooring; texture clear of ash trees, decorative effect affordable; Birch None of the indicators and the above-mentioned materials, but the price is generally lower. The user can be selected according to their preferences, their home conditions.Composite Privacy Fence

Selection to consider when the bedroom ground conditions, such as bungalows or buildings underlying, direct contact with the ground, the humidity should be used catalpa wood, red pine, white pine floors, not easy to deformation due to the three wood moisture; floors of ground water song willow, oak, teak, fir, birch backplane. Material with beautiful patterns and fewer knots, hard as well, such as teak, oak, ash. If the material hardness, furniture, heavy impact in the process of using the visible scratches serious impact decorative effect. Selection must pay attention to the moisture content of the wood flooring should be compatible with the indoor humidity.Garden Fence Panels

Market on a large number of massive tongue-and-groove wood flooring, is a semi-finished wood floors. This floor is not only good material, sophisticated processing, after drying, and the surface is smooth, the surface brushing senior polyurethane varnish. Its biggest advantage is easy to install. Tongue and groove connection soon be able to install. General Specifications Size 375 75 15mm, 300 75 15mm, 300 50 15mm varieties. The other called paint fight side floor wood flooring, by the tongue and groove flooring strips assembled into a square floor tiles of 300 300mm, thicknesses 12mm, 15mm and other specifications. Products with special patchwork glue stitching and finishing on special equipment, so that the surface is smooth, then use the senior floor paint finishes. Type of floor surface finish, wear, pavement convenient.

Composite Outdoor Flooring Materials,Composite Outdoor Flooring Price


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